3 Best Muffin Top Exercises – video

3 Best Muffin Top Exercises – video

3 Best Muffin Top Exercises

It’s never fun when you put on your skinny jeans (or any pair of jeans for that matter), and you are excited about wearing them and then BOOM- It happens. You squeeze them on, button and zip them up and then oh no! That DANG extra layer is popping out of the top. The dreaded “muffin top”. The choices? A much larger, looser pair of jeans or address the issue!

If you are up for the challenge, in this video I am sharing three of my best muffin top exercises.

Exercise #1 – Planks with knee to elbow3 Best Muffin Top Crushing Exercises by Natalie Jill

I love planks!!! They are so good for your core and your lower back! This exercise is an added variation on your standard plank. You will want to be in plank position on your forearms (careful not to let your back arch), and bring your left knee to your left below and right knee to right elbow.  On your last repetition, take that knee in and HOLD for a few seconds and repeat on the other side.

Exercise #2 – Downward dog knee to elbow and HOLD

Starting in downward dog position (some refer to it as a Pike or “V” position), lift your right leg all the way up, reaching your foot toward the ceiling and bring your right knee across your body to meet your left wrist and HOLD. You can continue to do 12 – 15 reps on one side and switch, repeat on other side.

Exercise #3 – Plank Variation

Get into plank position on your hands and bring your left knee to meet your left wrist and continue to alternate sides. As you get stronger, let your knee meet your wrist and HOLD.

My other pieces of advice…. exercise with intensity and eat an unprocessed diet with natural, whole foods and you want to smile! So, there you have it… 3 best muffin top crushing exercises!

Be Happy….Be Healthy… Be Fit!

– Natalie Jill

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