Natalie Jill breaks down Beyonce Instagram workout for Marie Claire Magazine

Natalie Jill breaks down Beyonce Instagram workout for Marie Claire Magazine

Natalie Jill breaks down the VIRAL Beyonce Instagram workout for Marie Claire Magazine Natalie Jill Breaks Down Beyonce workout- Marie Claire

OMG! Did you guys see that The Queen, AKA Beyonce, posted an awesome time-lapse Instagram videos showing off a play-by-play of her go-to workout moves???!!!

…AND here’s the BEST PART! Marie Claire Magazine asked ME to break down Queen Bey’s workout step by step!

What I LOVE about this glimpse into the Beyonce instagram workout is that ALL of her moves can totally be done at home! You don’t need to be “Big Pimpin Natalie Jill in Marie Claire Magazine- BeyonceSpending G’s” with a fancy gym or an expensive trainer to have a ‘bootylicious’ figure like Sasha Fierce!

This video has already gone VIRAL with millions of views! Beyonce posted the video to celebrate First Lady, Michelle Obama’s, Let’s Move fitness initiative, which encourages participants to “Gimme Five” things that lead to a healthier life.

While the First Lady recommends things like planting a garden, doing five extra push-ups, or eating five healthier meals, Beyoncé took #GimmeFive to a whole new level by showing off five intense exercises to her followers.

Be sure to click on the pictures below for the full breakdown of the Beyonce instagram workout on and join the Gimme Five movement for your own health and fitness.

1.Natalie Jill - beyonce - 1 standing side crunches


Natalie Jill - beyonce - 2 Full body sit up


Natalie Jill - beyonce - 3 dumbbell punches


Natalie Jill - beyonce instagram - 4 lateral bench hops


Natalie Jill - beyonce instagram - 5 forward lunges -

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Be Happy…Be Healthy…Be FIT!

– Natalie Jill



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