Notes with Natalie Newsletter Sep13

Notes with Natalie Newsletter Sep13

Notes with Natalie Newsletter with Natalie Jill

Here’s all the news you may have missed this week! The weekly Notes with Natalie newsletter is your go-to source for all things Aging In Reverse and Leveling up your life.

Now on to the weekly highlights…

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When was it that you noticed you were really aging?

I remember the exact moment. I was 41 and a 21 year old was cutting my hair and I caught both our reflections in the mirror. For the first time I saw my spotted dryer skin against hers, my lines around my eyes against hers, noticed the grays coming in and it occurred that my youth was gone. The days of associating myself with the “young adult” were over…

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Others opinions of you are none of your business????

“You are too old”
“That’s a stupid idea”
“That’s ridiculous”
“You can’t afford that”
“No one would say yes to that”
“I would never do that”
“You better have a plan B”
“That is too risky”
Others “opinions” used to run me….
Asking for approval.
Seeking approval..
Caring (way too much) what others thought.

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REAL TALK: Your excuse won’t fix the problem

I promised not to people please anymore AND I’m committed to helping you break through what’s in between you and RESULTS.

You see, Excuses feel good. They give you a reason, an out and they allow us to not risk or get uncomfortable.

AND when others validate our excuses we feel heard, and… EXCUSES DO NOT FIX THE PROBLEM.

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NEW EPISODE: Using Meditation to Stress Less and Level Up with Emily Fletcher

Emily Fletcher is the founder of Ziva Meditation and the leading expert in meditation for extraordinary performance.

Her book Stress Less, Accomplish More debuted at #7 out of all books on Amazon.

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NEW EPISODE: Competing to Create Your Identity with Nick Symmonds

Nick Symmonds is an American athlete and entrepreneur. As an athlete, Nick has found much success on the track and in the mountains.

A two-time Olympian, Nick competed for the United States in the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games. Though he has focused on the 800 meters for the majority of his career, he also has a personal best in the mile of 3 minutes and 56 seconds.

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BRAND NEW: Fit For You Friday!

Brand new! Fit For You Friday’s! In addition to my normal interviews on Leveling Up (released every Monday and Thursday) now I have added quick inspiration for your Friday! Super short 4-7 minute messages to keep you inspired and get you thinking!

This weeks topic is: Killing False Assumed Truths

I’ve always considered my job helping people kill F.A.T but not the kind of fat you would think I’m talking about. I’m talking about False Assumed Truths. These are the things we are told to believe about ourselves even though they are completely untrue.

In this episode I talk about how you’re able to overcome them to create the life you truly want. Listen in here!



Are you living for YOU or everyone else?

I used to pride myself on being a chameleon… Being all things to all peopleAdjusting my likes and dislikes to theirs.Saying, doing what I think they want to hear or see…

I thought it was something to be proud of but it was more than exhausting! And I didn’t realize what I know now- there is a name for it an it’s called “people pleasing.”

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