NYC Bench Booty Lift Workout Routine – video

NYC Bench Booty Lift Workout Routine – video

NYC Bench Booty Lift Workout Routine

Sometimes it can be a challenge to find the time to workout. It seems like a lot of people wait for the right time and the right place. I wanted to take it to the streets of NYC with my friend Keri Glassman and do a booty lift workout routine to show you that you can workout anywhere…even on a bench in the middle of the city. It’s a great way to spend your lunch breaks. Sitting at our desks is literally killing us inside…so make it a point to get up and move around! Find a park bench or a little wall and join me in my NYC Butt Lift Routine 🙂

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NYC Butt Lift Workout Routine Move #1: Sit Down Stand Ups Booty Lift Workout Routine in NYC with Natalie Jill

Feet hip-width apart, squeeze your booty tight as you sit down on the bench. Then stand up, and really squeeze your booty at the top of the movement. Repeat this 10 times.

NYC Butt Lift Workout Routine Move #2: Step-Ups

Face the bench, and work one leg at a time. Step-up onto the bench with one leg, tap the other leg to the bench, and then step back down. Do 10 step-ups on that leg before switching to the other leg for 10 more.

NYC Butt Lift Workout Routine Move #3: Third World Squats

Face the bench and hold onto it so you don’t fall backwards! This move is harder for adults than it is for children…which is one reason it’s REALLY beneficial to work at getting our hip flexibility back. Squat way down low to the ground, squeeze your glutes, and stand back up. Most importantly, make sure to squeeze again at the top of the movement. Do 10 of these.

NYC Butt Lift Workout Routine Move #4: Glute Extensions

Get into a push-up like position off of the bench. Bring your right leg up in front of you with your knee bent, and then kick it up behind you. Do this 10 times, then repeat and do it 10 times on the left side!


Depending on how much time you have or the challenge you want, you can do each exercise 10 times each…then repeat again! If you’re really looking for a more intense workout, aim to do a minute of each on each side.

“Be Happy… Be Healthy… Be Fit!”

– Natalie Jill

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