Only Progression and INTENSITY Will Change Your Body!

Only Progression and INTENSITY Will Change Your Body!

Note- This blog was originally published in 2012 but was updated in November 2017.

Wondering why things are not changing? Here are some things to STOP doing immediately in your workouts.

There is no magic rep set. Stop counting 3 sets of 12.

Progression and Intensity is what will change your body, NOT counting and repeating mindless movements. Counting and doing the same mindless movements is dated and does not help you PROGRESS. Without progression, muscle mass decreases and you don’t improve.

Stop lifting light weights and being afraid of bulking up.

Working out with INTENSITY is what changes your body. This means making things CHALLENGING for you. Creating what is intense for YOU is what will change your body.

Lifting light weights over and over again will NOT change your body.

Counting 3 sets of 12 and just “going through the motions” will not change your body!

You will NOT “bulk up” by challenging yourself. Body builders don’t become body builders by accident. They WORK AT IT lifting VERY heavy and altering their diet to support those gains.

Stop working towards  “skinny”

Working towards “skinny” is subjective and discouraging. Working towards STRONGER is measurable, positive and possible!

Stop doing long drawn out cardio

Long drawn out cardio is a waste of time. Stop…Doing…It…NOW!  ESPECIALLY if you are reading or texting while you are doing it! It might ‘feel good’, but it is a waste of time and it is NOT going to get you the body you want.

Yes, you may be watching the digital calorie counter slowly increase on those boring machines, but you are burning LESS over-all calories than when you do heavy weight training and HIIT (high intensity interval training) types of cardio.

Slow drawn out cardio will NEVER get you to the NEXT LEVEL. It is a good start, and great for beginners and it is always something I suggest when starting out. It is a great intro to working out, gets the body burning calories and priming the muscles for more intense exercise down the road, but it will NOT drastically change your body as the body will quickly adapt.

Stop loading up on “healthy” grains and dairy for the Most Part

Be open to the idea that whole grains really offer NO benefit to us. They are fine if you want them and they are fine for general weight loss, but when you are trying to get to the next level and are stuck they ideally should come out. This does not mean go low carb. Sweet potatoes, yams, fruits and veggies are ALL carbs, but they are not GRAINS.

Stop Being “Dietary Fat” Obsessed

This is not 1980 anymore. Eating fat will not make you fat. Eating healthy fats such as avocado, oils, nuts and nut butter will help satiate you and prevent you from having and caving into cravings.

Stop dismissing bodyweight workouts!

Do more body weight exercises that challenge you, keep you progressing and raising the intensity. Examples of body changing bodyweight exercises that can be super intense are Planks, Dips, Pull ups, Chin ups and Push ups.

Do NOT Starve Yourself

Fuel yourself with the RIGHT foods. Grainless carbs, lean proteins, healthy fats.

THIS is what changed my body and this is what will likely change yours. I am not here to argue these points. People will validate what they are doing because they don’t want to leave their comfort zones. Here is the thing: If what is working for you is working then KEEP DOING IT! If not, then consider changing.

If you want to see more about  how I train and eat now and get help on your own journey look HERE.

“Be Happy….Be Healthy….Be Fit!”

~ Natalie Jill




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