Quickie Booty Workout – video

Quickie Booty Workout – video

Quickie Booty Workout

Booties are IN! In this video, a short booty workout that can be done in a short amount of time that includes effective, functional exercises. Plus, you will be working your core the entire time! Check out my quickie booty workout!

Two Combo Quickie Booty Moves

I demonstrate how to do these and do them along with you, but here is a little direction to get you started. I also recommend doing 8 repetitions on each side, but do what is intense for you!

Super Man to a Touch Down Quickie Booty Workout

You will want to start out in standing position, legs about hip width apart. As you lean forward – reach your arms out in front of you, while simultaneously pushing your right leg back so it’s parallel with your arms. Bring your arms back in (don’t let that foot touch the ground) and then take that right arm and touch the ground. Remember to keep your stabilized foot planted to the ground. Do 8 repetitions on one side, switch sides and repeat. Just think: Out, In, Touch Down and repeat!

Touch Back with Curtsey and a Pulse

Start out with your feet together and lunge your right leg back into a lunge position. Bring it back in, place your right leg across and behind your body into a curtsey lunge position and pulse. Do 8 repetitions on one side, switch sides and repeat! Bonus, after your eighth repetition, stay in that curtsey pulse position and add tiny little pulses for 20 seconds. Don’t forget the other side! It’s going to burn, but it’s so worth it!

“Be Happy…Be Healthy…Be Fit!”

Natalie Jill

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