The “Diet” word

The “Diet” word

The “Diet” Word

Everyone seems to hate the “diet” word

 To many, it translates to “doing without”, “too restrictive” even “deprivation.” It should be  a positive word, not a negative one . It should be a way of life and fuel for energy, health and continued feelings of balance. It is something we can control in an uncontrollable world and it is the most important way to control our personal future. A poor diet too frequently will result in obesity, lethargy, poor health and ultimately, low self esteem lowered energy and even inflammation and disease. But, how do you find a healthy diet balance without feeling like you are doing without?

Prepare and plan

Don’t go to the grocery store hungry but think through when, how and what you want to eat for the week. Make a list of exactly what you need and make a weekly event (or daily, or bi-weekly, whatever works!) and stick to your list. Pick a same day weekly so you get in the habit of taking the time to plan and shop for those staples.

Have backup plans

Sometimes meetings go longer then expected, traffic delays stop us, reservations and friends run late… ALWAYS have healthy options stashed in Diet Natalie Jill your bag, your car and your desk.  Having “go to snacks “on hand are a MUST to help you avoid the office candy stash or quick fast food runs! Examples of healthy “go to” snacks to stash are almonds, protein bars, apples, whey protein and a shaker cup, tuna packets,  and trail mix.

Get back in touch with listening to your body

Think about what it was like as a kid. You wouldn’t let yourself get too “starving” and you wouldn’t let yourself get too “uncomfortably stuffed”. Eat as you are hungry and stop when you are full.

Think ADDITION not Subtraction

What can you ADD healthy to your day? Can you add more water? Can you add more fruits and vegetables? Can you add more natural unprocessed foods? The more you put in the GOOD stuff, the less room for the BAD stuff.

Make natural, unprocessed REAL foods the priority

If it GREW it is good. If it has minimal ingredients it is good. If it has multiple ingredients you can’t pronounce or a really long shelf life,  put it back.

Balance your meals to control cravings

Veggies Natalie Jill Include a balance of healthy carbs,  fats and proteins in each meal and watch your portion sizes.  Healthy food can still make you gain weight if the portions are too large.

Don’t deprive yourself

YES it is ok to have your favorite foods once and a while as long as you don’t over-do it. I LOVE chocolate and definitely have some most days. The key word is “some” 1 small piece of dark chocolate satisfies the craving if I have eaten balanced meals the rest of the day.

 Apply the 80/20 rule. If you do what is right 80% of the time, majority rules!

Be HAPPY… Be HEALTHY… Be FIT! –Natalie Jill

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