Tone the butt with 3 body weight exercises- VIDEO

Tone the butt with 3 body weight exercises- VIDEO

Tone the butt with 3 body weight exercises

I’m a big fan of being able exercise anywhere, especially at home because of my busy schedule. These three body weight exercises will help tone that butt and the best part is no equipment is needed!   Are you ready to work that booty?

Here is the run-down of the exercises I shared in the video:

Variation Lunge

Stand up tall, and take it back into a lunge, keeping your base leg planted, with that knee directly above your heel. Then bring that leg back up and take it back into a curtsy lunge. Once you do these to the point where you can really feel it burn, take it back into one last curtsy position and pulse. Remember, do whatever is intense for you!

Mini Squat with side to side toe taps

On this one, the lower you go, the more you’re going to feel it in your glutes.  Take into squat position and, tap your toe to the right and to the left.  Try not to take that toe tap too wide.

Donkey Kicks

Many people think this exercise is so “80’s” but I love it!  You will start out on your forearms, your knees at a 90 degree angle, lift one leg up to hip level and push up. You can control mentally, how hard you want to make this. This exercise really targets your hamstrings and glutes. One thing to think about… imagine you have a 15 pound weight placed on your hamstring and you’re pushing it up.

Remember, you can workout as hard as the next person, but nutrition plays a huge role in changing your body.


-Natalie Jill

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