Upper Body Jiggle Eraser PARK workout – video

Upper Body Jiggle Eraser PARK workout – video

Upper Body Jiggle Eraser Park Workout!

Upper Body Jiggle Eraser Park Workout! Want an upper body workout that you can do without a gym and without using any equipment? Well, ok! I was recently in NYC filming with my friend, Keri Glassman, and I put her through this quick workout to get rid of the upper arm jiggle situation right on a park bench in the middle of the city!

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In this video, I demonstrate 6 different upper body jiggle eraser exercises.  My recommendation would be to do 10 sets of each exercise and then repeat it all over again! But remember, I always want you to work on getting STRONGER. So, if 10 reps aren’t enough, do them until you literally can’t do one more! Always do what is intense for you!

Upper Body Jiggle Eraser Exercise #1 – Push UpsUpper Body Jiggle Eraser Park Workout with Natalie Jill

Start with your palms flat on a bench or couch (if it’s way too cold outside). Lower your chest towards the bench, while bending your elbows and push back up.

Upper Body Jiggle Eraser Exercise #2 – Dips

Place your palms on the bench, fingers pointed toward your feet. Lower your body down and back up, focusing on your tricep muscles.

Upper Body Jiggle Eraser Exercise #3 – Plank Twist

Start in standard straight arm plank position and bring your knee in to meet your opposite elbow. Continue alternating sides.

Upper Body Jiggle Eraser Exercise #4 – Bridge Walks

Start in a bridge position with your palms flat on the bench and your feet on the ground, with your legs fully extended. Walk your feet back in toward the bench and then walk back out.

Upper Body Jiggle Eraser Exercise #5 – Push Up to Tricep Shimmies

Start in a push up position with your elbows in close to your body. Lower your body down, keeping your elbows at your side, focusing on the tricep muscles. Rock your weight forward and then backward. Push back up and straighten out your arms to starting position.

Upper Body Jiggle Eraser Exercise #6 – Lateral Raises (aka Butterflies)

Take a seat on the bench, lift your arms, keeping your elbows at 90 degrees. Squeeze your lats as you push up and pull down.


Are you in?  Are you ready to increase your strength and get rid of that jiggle?

“Be Happy…Be Healthy…Be Fit!”

-Natalie Jill

To learn more about Keri Glassman, check out link HERE.

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