Quick HIIT 9 Minute Workout

Quick HIIT 9 Minute Workout

Quick HIIT Workout  9 Minute Workout

Okay, so this was the 9 Minute Quick HIIT workout I recently did and recorded for you all. Based on the awesome feedback I got from my 4 Minute Full Body Tabata Style Workout I shared with you…I figured I would share another real time workout where I walk you through what I am doing!

To watch along as I do one round of the following workouts, click HERE!

Quick HIIT Workout Sequence #1

Quick HIIT Workout 9 Min Real Time Routine with Natalie JillSo let’s get to it. First thing first — I set up my cones in my back yard. I set up about 10 cones spaced evenly apart from one another. Once I had my cones set up, I started with some alternating run-throughs. I started by running forward zig-zagging through the cones. When I got to the end, I faced to the side and ran back sideways, again zig-zagging through the cones. My next time down the line was backwards. Same thing — just facing backwards. I was sure to mark my spot for the agility training and I went quickly to work on increasing my heart rate. Once I completed my run-throughs, I switched to jump squats. Starting at one end of the cones, I began to do a jump squat over each cone until I reached the other side. My whole goal here was to time this full sequence of anaerobic exercise with the cones for one minute.

These cone exercises are great for working on your agility and can provide an intense anaerobic workout.  Now, what is that you ask? Anaerobic exercise is just quick, intense activity where you work hard enough to need more oxygen than is readily available. In other words, you’re out of breath!
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Quick HIIT Workout Sequence #2

After the cone work I moved over to my rings for some Quick HIIT Workout 9 Min Real Time Routine with Natalie Jillpull-ups and spent another minute on those. I understand that you will get tired. Even while filming I was tired! I could only do five by the time I was several sequences though. But it doesn’t matter how many you can do!  One, zero, a hundred. Doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that you are working yourself for that minute, even if you’re just hanging trying to get that pull-up! The more you practice, the more progress you’ll make.


Quick HIIT Workout Sequence #3

Next, I took it down to the ground for some ab workouts. When it comes to these I like to switch up what I am Quick HIIT Workout 9 Min Real Time Routine with Natalie Jilldoing to keep distracted from how exhausted I feel! So, I started with doing some ab shimmies which is where you shimmy side to side while in a sit-up type position. After a few seconds of those I switched into flutter kicks. For the flutter kicks I leaned back onto my forearms and engaged my abs. After the flutter kicks, I stayed in the same position on my forearms but moved on to doing bicycles. The whole time I am working my abs, but I am changing things up so I can make it through one minute of ab work!  Last but not least for my abs, I laid down and began doing mini-v’s. My lower back is pressed into the ground and I am doing just a small, mild lift with the lower abs. Now of course I wanted to keep my heart rate up during this sequence — so I added some toe touches on the ball. Small jumps, with alternating toes touching the ball.

So there you have it. This whole workout you watched in the video is three minutes long. But here’s the thing….I did do it three times through and then I repeated it AGAIN while I was recording it. So you got to see me REALLY tired here. But I wanted to show you how I use my moves more in real time. Okay? So this whole thing you could do it on your own too. The whole thing is three minutes! And if you want to repeat it three times through, it can be your 9 minute HIIT workout, too!

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Be Happy…Be Healthy…Be Fit!

-Natalie Jill



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