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lbs loss

LOVE when I see these posts! 15 lbs GONE!

“I just finished the 12 week Super Shred! I lost 15 pounds and I feel great. the best part is I am SO much stronger now! When I started I could dead-lift 40 pounds and now I can do 80!”

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Trainer Stacey

Re-posting one of my favorite transformation inspirations! Meet Stacie…Everyone has different goals! Let’s encourage and empower each other to work hard to be their best self possible. Let’s be the positive person in someone’s day!

Stacie worked out but recognized her diet needed help. She followed my Jump Start program, committed to the process, stayed consistent and made it a lifestyle progressing into a fitter, happier her!

GO Stacie!

This is done the healthy way and you can do this too!

WHO wants to be next?

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LOVE LOVE LOVE getting these messages!!! 10 lbs GONE! Don’t you LOVE when you work super hard at something and others notice and compliment you! Let’s do this for her! She worked hard and deserves it.

Meet Sharla- this picture was taken right before her wedding! YES she looked great before but NOW she is her BEST HER!!

I LOVE this! She dropped 10 lbs, a pant size and is getting so much stronger. She says she can lift much heavier than before! She decided, committed to the process and stayed consistent! She did this following Natalie Jill’s programs. GO SHARLA!

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This ones for the guys! Well, I guess technically for the the ladies too because he’s looking good!!!

Rodney just completed the 12 week Super Shred- a specific, Focused 12 week intense program!

WHO wants to be next??

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Meet Ron! He followed my Jump Start programs he lost 22 lbs AND beat his own personal record time doing an Olympic Triathlon! Go Ron!

And check out that newly flat belly!

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11 LBS

11 lbs gone!! Woop woop! Everyone has different goals! Let’s encourage and empower each other to work hard to be their best self possible. Let’s be the positive person in someone’s day!

Another weight loss success following the Jump Start programs! Love seeing these transformations! Keep them coming! Who wants to be next?

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Another Fit Mom transformation! GO Brittany! This now fit mom of FOUR got it done! She decided to change, followed the my programs, stayed committed to the process, and stayed consistent. Continually PROGRESSING into a fitter, healthier her! Oh, and look at those ABS! Before commenting remember this is an actual person who worked very hard… positive, supportive, encouraging comments welcome! 🙂

The best part? She had such an amazing transformation that she decided to get her personal training certification and make a career out of her new passion! GO BRITTANY!

WHO wants to be next? You can do this too!

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30 lbs GONE on her 4’11” frame! I love this story because it’s a true testament to DECIDING and MAKING it HAPPEN. The best part…she has been feeling so much better about herself and she is physically stronger!

Take a minute, read her story, and remember: recognizing others’ accomplishments publicly is contagious…so if you have something encouraging or positive to say, please comment away!

Meet Alese…30 lbs gone and in her own words:

“I just wanted to thank you for such amazing programs! I have struggled off and on for years with my weight. I am only 4′ 11″, so when I gain a pound, you notice!I would try diets and couldn’t stick with anything. I would buy those “nutritious” frozen lunches and think I was getting somewhere…. Well, just more weight, more bloating, tiredness, and headaches!

I stumbled across your Challenge back in August and decided to give it a shot. After Day 2, I could barely walk up stairs at work, but I knew my body was changing. I decided to cut out as many processed foods as I could. After that week, I was down 8 pounds! But more importantly, I felt good.

I began watching your videos daily. I love how motivating you are! You aren’t trying to sell pricey diet pills or equipment, you are trying to sell a happy, healthy lifestyle and I really appreciate that!

I started Rev4 toward the end of August 2014 and since then, I have lost 30 pounds! I can see so many changes in my body, I can not believe it! I don’t get winded anymore just walking, I can look in the mirror and feel good about myself, and I am becoming a stronger, better me!

Thank you for for sharing Alese!!

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Go Luciana GO!! 10 lbs GONE! Holy cow I just got this update from Luciana and am simply blown away! Everyone has different goals! Let’s encourage and empower each other to work hard to be their best self possible. Let’s be the positive person in someone’s day!

It’s been about a year since we first featured her Jump Start transformation and she has kept it going! She doesn’t look at the scale anymore, she just listens to her body. In turn, she has maintained her weight loss AND toned up.

Original Story:

In Luciana’s words: “Previous diets didn’t work because they seemed too complicated. The Jump Start helped with the meal plans, and accountability.

My workouts were focused and intense, based on Natalie’s advice. It definitely was a choice and I made a conscious decision to apply that knowledge with no excuses even when I messed up.

Oh, and I have three girls: 18, 15 and 10 yrs old. I really am grateful for this program. My husband was so impressed with my results he is going to do it too!

GO LUCIANA!!! Who wants to be NEXT?

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10 lbs GONE!!! Meet 41 year old mom of 4 Shana! She lost 10 pounds in 30 days following the 4 week Jump Start! I’m about to share her story…If you have something nice and positive to say please comment! You all KNOW how amazing it feels when others encourage you and congratulate you on your commitment:)!!

In Shana’s words:

“Until the past few very emotional and stressful years, to cope with life I made unhealthy eating choices and didn’t exercise. Before that I hadn’t ever gained weight so this is the first time I have had to change my habits to healthy eating. I tried cutting back and restricting calories, but just kept gaining until I started Natalie Jill’s 4 week Jump Start program.

Life can throw you curve balls and in order to survive and help those you love survive…you sometimes let go of yourself. I have learned that as caregivers we must first take care of and love ourselves in order to properly take care of those we love. Thanks again for the kick in the pants that I so needed to find myself again.”


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8 lbs GONE and continuing to progress! Meet 28 year old Bianca! Everyone has different goals! Let’s encourage and empower each other to work hard to be their best self possible. Let’s be the positive person in someone’s day!

In Bianca’s words:

“Previous diets did not work for me because I never knew how important nutrition was!  Before I had my son I loved to go to our local track to run and cross train, but I hit a major plateau and never really saw any more progress after I hit a certain weight. Low-Carb was my diet of choice, but I was still making unhealthy choices when the opportunity arose (THE CRAVINGS WERE STILL THERE).

I had my son via c-Section at 29 weeks!!! He needed me so I committed to breastfeed him for 10 months exclusively. As I breastfed him I could not diet because my milk supply would drop so I decided to stay committed to him. After his 1 year birthday, I decided it was time to work on me! I maintained a majority of the weight I gained with my son for the entire year.

Prior to starting Natalie’s programs, I lost 18 lbs and within the last 30 days, I lost 8 lbs – with more drastic results! (The 8 lb lost felt better than the 18 lbs lost, if that makes any sense).

I started with Natalie’s program and I did well with it and really started to get motivated. One of the most important things I have learned is preparation! This program truly works!  I cannot wait to see my progress! Her positive emails and intense workouts really work!!!! Thank you Natalie!”


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10 lbs GONE and 2.5 inches down! Meet 40 year old mom JOANIE!! I am about to share Joanie’s story- If you have something encouraging to say please comment away! Empowering and encouraging others and recognizing others accomplishments publicly is a great way to keep happiness and positivity contagious 🙂

In Joanie’s words:

“My name is Joanie and I will be turning 40 next month. I was excited to write a testimonial because I want it to inspire others who may be like me…too modest to put their pics out there for everyone to see. But we are such a visual culture that we need to see pics to believe that we can change our physical bodies..

I have had three full term births. I tried to have my “cake and eat it too”. In other words, I expected change in my body by still eating fast food and all the processed stuff too.

NJ’s nutritional guidelines in the 4 Week Jump Start really clicked for me. This for me, was a transformational journey with ups and downs. But once you understand that this is for a lifetime, the decisions of what you do gets  easier.

You’ll realize that fast food does not have a place in your daily diet, saying no is okay, and eating the right things can change not just you, but the life of your family. And my family means the world to me, and for them it’s worth eating clean. Thank you for investing time into creating this program; my deep appreciation.


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Meet Mandy!! Bloating is GONE, weight is down, she is more motivated and has more energy.
In Mandy’s words: “I am so excited to share my story! Prior to Natalie’s 7 day Jump Start, I had tried so many diets, but I now know why they never worked. I was never fully committed. I did not have a positive mindset and have always battled back and forth with weight. My eating habits were not exactly healthy, and i wasn’t working out the way I should; more importantly I didn’t really know where to start when I did try to work out.

Now that I’ve followed the 7 Day Jump Start for the past 30 days, I no longer feel bloated, I have more energy and I’m motivated. I actually look forward to working out now! It has become a part of my lifestyle, which to be honest i never thought was possible for me. The most exciting part is I am getting married in October and I am headed to Austin to try on / purchase my wedding dress. I was dreading the fear of not fitting in my dream dress or even ripping a dress when I tried it on. I kept pushing my appointments back and now I am looking forward to it and I am completely confident.”

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Meet Zonia! 11 inches GONE and 6 lbs down!! I’m about to share her story…If you have something nice and positive to say please comment! You all KNOW how amazing it feels when others encourage you and congratulate you on your commitment:)!!

In Zonia’s words:
“I’m 47 and have two daughters, 22 and 18. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect or even think this would happen. My journey is just beginning. Thank you! I had lost weight before with a not so great method using medication, but gained quite a bit of it back. Then my sister was diagnosed with a rare blood cell cancer and the stress of that just sent me off to more weight gain.

I used the 7 day Jump Start for the first week and then moved into the 4 week Jump Start from then on.

It really helped me to understand how important balance is to make this work. I seriously love love the whole accountability component of this journey, I believe it was the key to my success and why I was able to accomplish what I did. Now 6 lbs was not a lot of weight loss, but it really does show that losing lbs is just part of it. You really have to look at the big picture to call it a success.

Losing 11 inches and dropping a dress size and feeling great with more energy and not feeling tired anymore is HUGE to me. I’ve used countless programs that haven’t worked mostly because of the nutrition part of it.

I’ve done so many other programs that have worked some, but not to the full capacity like Natalie Jill’s programs have worked for me.”

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Looking AWESOME Cindy!!! Love getting messages like this! Positive, encouraging comments welcome! Make her day- she worked hard and I want her to feel great about herself!

In Cindy’s words: “I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your programs that you offer. I originally started with the 4 week Jump Start which has very solid advice! I moved onto the 12 week Super Shred after a couple of weeks because I am an active person already, I have muscle and have been lifting weights for 12 plus years. I remember the term, “chiseled marshmallow” that Natalie made in the 12 week Super Shred and it resonated with me and I wanted to follow a plan that would rid me of the “marshmallow” look. I am probably different than a big portion of your many followers, in that my goal was not to lose weight, but rather to put on muscle.

I was looking for REAL advice without extremes of no carbs, or spending countless hours at the gym doing cardio. Being a mom of two (23 year old daughter & 21 year old son), and a business owner – I don’t think it’s realistic or healthy to spend all day at the gym to see results. It’s also not realistic or healthy to cut out all carbs or just consume protein shakes for nutrients. I was doing a lot of running & experiencing hip & back pain. It worried me to think that I was “getting too old to get results” due to the pain I was experiencing.

That’s when I stumbled onto your Instagram Account & the rest is history. I began your 12 Week Super Shred in mid November. I finished up mid February…just in time for our vacation to Punta Cana! I am 48 years old & have never looked so good in a bikini and my bottom is no longer saggy or droopy! The squats… I love them! My button down business shirts are tight in the shoulders because of my awesome muscle I’ve been building and my pants and jeans fit in the waist area (no muffin top – hurray!) due to the constant fat burning mode Natalie describes in her Super Shred program.  I had so many women asking me how I achieved my lean/shredded look while on vacation! I have always known how strong of a woman I am on the inside…it’s so fun to have my outside match what’s inside now! I eat to fuel my body! This is something I can do for life…. and that’s what it is really about – making positive life changes. Real Advice for Real People. Thank you!!”

You are welcome Cindy! Hope you enjoyed your vacation you look FANTASTIC!

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Jenna (From Detroit)

14 lbs GONE! More muscle and feeling AMAZING… If you have something positive or encouraging to say please comment away!

In Jenna’s words: “I have two children and haven’t been able to get back to the pre pregnant weight until now. I started Natalie Jill’s workouts and then her Rev 4 program. I also started eating according to Natalie Jill’s recommendations.

The combination of healthy eating in proper, unprocessed & balanced proportions with her functional fitness workouts, made a big difference. At 5’1” I started at 124 pounds and now weigh 110 with more muscle tone. It’s amazing how your body can change using your own body weight for muscle building.

I have tried several “diets” and exercise programs in the past that left me feeling hopeless. With two little ones, I don’t have time and resources for a gym. In only two months, this change is amazing and so healthy.

Real unprocessed food, the way it was intended and I feel so much better. The great thing is that you can do the workouts anywhere and it doesn’t take much time. I’m continuing to build muscle with Natalie Jill’s workouts, but I couldn’t be happier with the results in such a short time!”

Go Jenna!!

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Ellie (from Germany)

Meet Ellie! She went from hitting “rock bottom on the inside” to making a lifestyle change. She lost the weight and got stronger inside and out! Before commenting remember this is an actual person who worked very hard… positive, supportive, encouraging comments welcome

In Ellie’s words: “I am 41 and have been on a diet since I was probably 12. I tried a variety of methods – vegan, carb cycling, fasting, etc.  I could do it for a week or so then I’d fall off the wagon again.  I let myself believe I was a victim and I was pretty much my own worst enemy – physically and psychologically.

Needless to say, the emotional eating took a toll.  I felt horrible.  I looked terrible.  For the first time I was not meeting the standards I was supposed to uphold for my job.  I had lost control and could not find “me.”

Just get used to this older body – you’ll never be the way you once were. Just buy the bigger clothes and be done with it.” That was pretty much the most depressing thing a “friend” had ever said to me. Around this time I came across Natalie Jill’’s story; she was a phoenix that rose from the ashes.  She was also about the same age as I am – what excuse do I have? Plus she was a woman who was more interested in being a good role model and wholeheartedly building the confidence of women – someone who I can relate to and inspire me to be better.

I started just doing the 7-day Jump Start…for 4 weeks. NJ spoke to weight loss being 80% related to eating – and that’s truly what I needed the most help with (obviously – my track record is not stellar).  Working out was not the issue per se – I workout every morning without fail.  However, learning to incorporate weights and functional fitness I think also rebalanced my addiction to pure cardio.

I think one of the aspects that helped me the most was understanding the “why” behind everything.  Perhaps it is just the way I’m wired – I just like to know “why.”

So what I have learned is that previous diets did not work because they are just that – diets – NOT lifestyle changes.  Diets are temporary; lifestyle changes are lifelong habits. And don’t settle.  You can be so much more with a little heart and courage.

I am not perfect – I’m human – but I’m at least back on my feet and getting stronger inside and out every day.  I might not have been rock bottom financially, but I was pretty much rock bottom on the inside from those “life experiences” which I think at times is almost worse. I’m proof that anyone can do this.”

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24 lbs GONE!! Meet Jessica! You might read her story and think, “oh my gosh, that’s me,” and decide you’re ready to commit to making a lifestyle change. It’s a true story of continuous progression and dedication. Don’t you LOVE when you work super hard at something and others notice and compliment you! Let’s do this for her! She worked hard and deserves it.

In Jessica’s words: “I began Natalie’s 4 week Jump Start program for women in November 2014 weighing 212 lbs. Trust me, it was really, I mean really hard to stick to the program during the holidays, but I really had to have a ‘mind over matter’ mentality. Even though the program does state that exercise is NOT mandatory on this program, I felt I wanted to stay active, as I enjoy exercise as a form of stress relief.

I exercised at my local gym and also incorporated more at home workouts (from following Natalie Jill’s Youtube channel), using my own body weight when I workout.  Not only that, but I’ve learned a lot on how to properly exercise and treat my body. At most I would exercise 4 times a week.

I began to better my health and I felt I can get into better shape. I was pretty unhappy with the way I looked and wanted to feel more confident about my appearance. I have always attended gyms and have always been physically active, but I never really made an attempt to change my eating habits and fully commit to this lifestyle change. I knew it would have to happen for me to keep the weight off in a healthy way.

I found Natalie on Instagram and I found her own story very inspiring. I thought to myself if this woman can do it with children, then I can definitely do it too! I believe a person can do anything they set their mind to. I set my mind to change the way I look because I wanted to be happier about my appearance.

All in all, I am happy I finally made the change. I am still a work in progress (as of March 2015 I weigh 188 lbs), and I’ve continued the program since November 2014, but I am so much more confident about myself and honestly (as cheesy as it might sound) I am very proud of what I have achieved.

I wanted to share because I hope that my story can inspire some of you that just need that extra push. I feel I am an ordinary woman, with a realistic body type, so I hope I can inspire you to become a healthier and more confident man or woman!Thank you Natalie for doing what you do. If it wasn’t for your program and your knowledge, I’m not sure how long I may have stayed unhappy with myself.”

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14 lbs GONE!!! Meet Erin, down 14 pounds and 14 inches! I am about to share Erin’s story- If you have something encouraging to say please comment away! Empowering and encouraging others and recognizing others accomplishments publicly is a great way to keep happiness and positivity contagious 🙂

In Erin’s words: “I’m 43 years old, I have three children; ages 9, 12 and 15. I have tried MANY different diets over the past 10 years. Frustrated, I gave up. It did not seem worth all the cost and effort it took.

I felt better, but was stuck in my weight loss journey. I remember desperately trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. Was I not eating enough with all the exercise? Was I in starvation mode?  I

went to the doctor for the third time and had my thyroid tested, it was normal. Was I not eating the right combination?  There were so many possibilities that could have contributed, but i felt lost as to where to find the answers.

After learning about Natalie Jill, I started her 4 Week Jump Start program. I feel that through Natalie Jill, I learned about macronutrients and how different body types need different amounts of macronutrients as well as the importance of the amount of each (protein, carb, fat) we should be eating. I looked at my protein intake in 2013 and was only getting 40 grams of protein at the most.  I looked at my protein intake while i was doing the NJ 4 Week and 7 Day Jump Start and I was getting between 115g and 140g of protein.

Once I did that, the weight started coming off. I have eaten healthy foods for a very long time, but I would eat a serving of nuts instead of just 8 nuts with a carb and a protein.  I still have a long way to go, but I am getting healthier and losing the weight.  I feel that she made finding the answers affordable and available.

She and her team are AWESOME!!  They respond quickly to questions and guide you in the direction that will help you. It is not a one size fits all organization. Natalie Jill’s programs work for all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels.

I feel like Natalie Jill and her team are completely committed to helping everyone figure out what will work for them or what changes/additions they could make to help become successful in being ” Happy, Healthy and Fit.”  I love how “real” she is and how willing her team is to respond with suggestions to those struggling in their journey.”


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