Transformations are possible

Transformations are possible

Transformations are possible!


Meet my friend Nancy…Nancy started exercising at the age of 14. Learning her way around the weight room at the age of  17, she began  teaching aerobics, training others and even managing health clubs! She was on the fit track until well,  life began to take over  in her 20’s. We know the story: Marriage, 5 children, busy schedules, and then back troubles….


Life “got in the way” which lead ultimately a 60 lb weight gain. This put Nancy at at 200lbs with her last pregnancy. By the time her 5th child was 1 ½ , she was still about 40 lbs over weight and barely even able to walk some days! She was a stay home mom of 5 children and she did not feel like the Nancy she once was. The picture to the left is NOT of when she was pregnant.

DECIDING to reclaim her life and not feeling like her self, Nancy decided that something had to change. She knew that transformations were possible and she knew that she could transform with dedication. Her life had become “mentally and physically exhausting”.

Her back really hurt: Exercise was the only way for Nancy to avoid surgery. She also knew that exercise would help her to gain mental clarity and strengthen her core and body. She had a long haul ahead of her but decided that she needed to clean up her diet first. She began to EAT CLEANER. Down 40lbs by eating “cleaner,” she began to take her life back in December of 09. On a  mission to gain mobility, lose back fat, that “muffin top,” and maybe 10-20 lbs.

Back to the gym By early in 2010 , she started slowly lifting weights again.What began as a way for Nancy to gain mobility and feel better about herself has now become a lifestyle. She is down a whopping  80lbs total! WOW.  Now at 41, Nancy has her life back.   With determination and dedication, Nancy believes that anything is possible. Her weight is now what it was as a teen. To learn more about Nancy and her journey, visit her at or at

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