3 Reasons We’re Tired, Overweight and Unmotivated

3 Reasons We’re Tired, Overweight and Unmotivated

3 Reasons We’re Tired, Overweight and Unmotivated

Let’s discuss the 3 main reasons we are tired, overweight, and unmotivated.

#1 We are not moving enough

I’m not talking about intense exercising, or doing two-hour workouts, I m3 reasons we're tired, overweight and unmotivated with Natalie Jill ean general everyday activity is one of the reasons we are tired, overweight and unmotivated. We spend so much time sitting; driving, working, talking on the phone, studying and everything else. Then we go and do a workout for 30 minutes or an hour, but that does not make up for the lack of movement in a day.

When you think about kids, usually kids are not overweight, because all they want to do is run around and fidget and move. But as adults we get into the habit of just sitting all the time. So how do we get around that? There are so many little ways we can tweak our lifestyle so that we’re not sitting all the time.

For instance:

  • When you’re taking a phone call, could you walk around taking that call?
  • If you’re working, could you set timers on your computer to get up and do some laps?
  • Could you meet while taking a walk?
  • Could you stand up while you’re working, use a standing chair?

Sitting is something we overlook so much and it’s such a big reason why a lot of us are overweight and feel unmotivated. I want you to think about how much you’re sitting during the day and what you can do to change that.

3 reasons we're tired, overweight and unmotivated with Natalie Jill

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#2 We are dehydrated

The second reason we are tired, overweight and unmotivated is that we are not hydrating enough, we’re walking around chronically dehydrated. By having caffeine we’re dehydrating ourselves further, same as when we’re eating processed foods with all the added sodium.3 reasons we're tired, overweight and unmotivated with Natalie Jill

When we start to drink more water here’s what happens:

  • our energy comes back
  • we will eat less
  • our skin starts looking better
  • we become less bloated

Our bodies are holding on to water because we’re not hydrated. So the more water you drink, the more your body is going to stop retaining water and let it go.

Both hydrating and moving more is about addition, not subtraction. It’s not taking things out, but instead, adding two simple things that can right away make things better.

#3  We are eating too many processed foods

I was at my daughter’s ice-skating class recently, and there was a man at 5:45 in the morning, eating Cheetos and a diet soda for breakfast. I was pretty shocked! But I realized that may be more common than I think. Processed foods cause more issues than anything! A lot of these food manufacturers are putting in things in there that are causing us to crave more!

You will not overeat celery or strawberries or fish or even nuts to some extent. When you’re eating real, natural, unprocessed foods, your body regulates what is going in you and so you tend not to overeat.

3 reasons we're tired, overweight and unmotivated with Natalie Jill Think about it, when was the last time you ate chips or crackers or cookies and felt like you couldn’t stop? I’m guilty of that too! It’s all those fake flavors that make me want more. But when you’re eating natural unprocessed food and your body gets used to that, you tend to start craving less, and be able to stop eating when you’re supposed to.

It goes back to the basics; moving your body more and not sitting, staying hydrated and eating more of the real, natural unprocessed foods. Those three changes alone are going to do so much for you.

This is what my book ‘7 Day Jump Start Unprocess Your Diet’ is built on.

So there you have it, the 3 reasons we’re tired, overweight and unmotivated. I hope that this was helpful and you are now ready to go from being Tired, Overweight and Unmotivated to being Energized, Fit and Motivated! ?

“Be Happy…Be Healthy…Be FIT!”

-Natalie Jill


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At the end of this live broadcast I took a few Q&A’s from the audience. Below are some helpful FAQ’s that came from this broadcast:

Question: Can you drink too much water?
You can take too much of anything, but it’s very hard to drink too much water. So focus on getting in more water and staying hydrated, also water-based foods like vegetables.

thai cucumber salad with natalie jillQuestion: How complicated are your recipes?
The recipes are not actually complicated. When I talk about unprocessed food diet, what I want you to think is, “Did it once grow, and is it in its most natural state?” So think basic foods; fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, oils, protein, and so on. Those are basic foods and it’s very easy to put a meal based on that.

But, if you want to get more creative, maybe to get the taste of the processed foods, that’s where the more complicated recipes come into play. But it’s not mandatory to do that, you can by all means eat simple, as simple as unlimited green vegetables, some protein of your choice and an avocado or something like that. The goal is to stick to natural, real food.

Question: Do you ever cheat?
Of course, I’m human! But I try to make things based on the most natural, real ingredients as much as possible. So if I want to have a pizza for instance I’m going to try to have the most natural ingredients. I don’t feel all package food is evil – in fact there are some snacks that I like that come packaged – but I make sure I can define and know every ingredient in there. If you’re got a paragraph of ingredients that you don’t know what they mean, chances are it’s probably not good for you.

Question: I’m obese and type II diabetic, and I need to lose at least 100 pounds.
I want to know where you’re starting at now, but type II diabetes can definitely be controlled a lot with diet. Now, I’m not a doctor so obviously your doctor’s advice is going to go over me here, but I have worked with a lot of people that were able to be on less insulin and medication by changing the way they eat. That’s also going to come into an unprocessed diet, getting away from all those starchy processed foods and sugars.

So you could start with some of the things we’ve mentioned; [11:50] moving more, drinking more water, focusing on natural unprocessed foods and of course my 7 Day Jump Start program if you want it.

Question: I’ve lost over 100 pounds but my tummy seems not to go down, what can I do?3 reasons we're tired, overweight and unmotivated with Natalie Jill
First of all congratulations for losing 100 pounds, that’s absolutely amazing! I know how much dedication it took to get there, so kudos to you. So with your stomach it could be one of three things; excess fat, bloating or excess skin. If it is bloating, [13:08] you can change that by upping your water content and starting to look at what you’re eating.

There are a lot of foods that cause bloating, mainly artificial sweeteners, dairy, beans and wheat. So you could start by taking such things out and see if it makes a difference.

If it’s excess fat, [13:41] fat is changed by upping the intensity in your workouts, upping your activity, doing the right exercises and building some muscles underneath to help change that appearance and help you burn more fat and retain muscle throughout the day.

If it is excess skin that’s harder. I’ve shown on videos before, that my skin – even though I have abs and a slender-looking stomach – is excess. I gained a lot of skin when I was pregnant and I still have that, any mom can relate to this. However, [14:30] by losing the fat and getting that muscular development you’re going to drastically change the appearance.

Question: What about carbs?
3 reasons we're tired, overweight and unmotivated with Natalie Jill I’m a fan of carbs. Did you know fruits and vegetables are carbs? I hate when people say they’re going carb-free, because you need carb to function; for energy, muscle development and your mind. You cannot be intelligent and smart without carbs, we’re all going to walk around really dumb if we don’t have carbs. [15:40]

I just like them in the form of the most natural that you can get. So fruits and vegetables first, and then if you’re going to do the starchy carbs like potato and rice; think moderation. A portion the size of your fist a couple of times a day is good.

Question: Is it okay to eat cheese in moderation?
I would say anything in moderation is okay. With cheese it depends, for instance if you’re sensitive to lactose like I am. I do natural, antibiotic-free, hormone-free and unpasteurized cheese. I use raw dairy.

Question: Can people with a back problem lose weight just as easy?
I’m not going to say it’s just as easy, but you can absolutely lose weight. We all have our thing, it may be harder for some of us but [16:55] the bottom line is there is a way for you to become the best you possible, you just have to figure out your solutions.

Question: What is a healthy time frame to lose 25 pounds after pregnancy?3 reasons we're tired, overweight and unmotivated with Natalie Jill
Everybody is a little different, but when you have a baby typically about 10 pounds is going to come off right away because you’ve got the baby plus the fluids in there. After that it’s just like any other weight loss. I always say when you’re going from a heavily processed food diet to a natural clean one, you might lose about 5 pounds in the first week because you’re losing in addition to fat, excess water and bloat. [17:43] Two pounds of fat per week if a great gauge, and it’s very doable.

Question: What’s your deal with granola?
I love granola, but it can be dangerous, especially because there’s a lot of sugar and grains and it tends to make people crave more. So if I’m going to have granola, I get the most natural brands, and definitely one made from coconut oil instead of canola oil. I will even make my own when I can.

I use a very small amount (about a fourth of a cup) and add things like walnuts and seeds and coconut and coconut milk and top it with some berries. It still tastes like the granola; the crunch, the taste and flavors. But this is a healthy option that doesn’t make you crave for more and more.



















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