We stopped type 2 Diabetes in its TRACKS!

We stopped type 2 Diabetes in its TRACKS!

 The doctor said she had type 2 diabetes and he was ready to prescribe medication...

My guest blogger and client, author Lori Fran, discusses her TYPE II diabetes diagnosis and how we turned it around with diet:

Yes. I did come from a family with a strong history of type 2 diabetes.  My Dad was one of five children and all five were diagnosed with the disease by the time they reached their early forties.  My grandfather (My Dad’s father) had suffered a leg amputation because of the dreaded disease.  I grew up with many aunts and uncles constantly talking about “having a touch of the sugar.”  They bemoaned about this as they ate whatever they wanted.  They were all quite obese.   Save for one, they all died a premature death.

I witnessed firsthand how obesity can cause misery, not to mention disease.  I knew at an early age that I did not want to follow in their footsteps.  I always watched what I ate.  I was “the thin one” in the family.  I ate lots of salads, fruits and veggies.  But even with the best intentions, I gained some weight over the years.  After my third child was born, my body was just not the same.  My metabolism seemed to have changed. I needed to go lower and lower in calories to maintain my “thinness.”  I bought into the “low fat” thinking of the time, but nothing seemed to change.

I never was fat.  I could stand to lose about 10 pounds, but I rationalized that it was “no big deal” compared to my family history.  Also, I was over fifty-five years old.  “Ten pounds could not possibly hurt me. “   I did try to lose weight, but I was constantly hungry.  I only ate whole grain carbohydrates, but I always felt hungry after eating.  I told myself that ten pounds over ideal was OK, and I could live with it.

Then came the dreaded diagnoses. The Doctor said I had an A1C (the test that measures the average glucose in your blood for 3-4 months) of 6.5.  That was a definite diagnosis of diabetes.  Even with my family history, I was shocked.  I asked the doctor why this happened when I had a normal BMI and I ate right.  He said it was because of my good eating habits that I got my diagnoses at least l5 years later than the rest of my family.   He told me he could prescribe medication, and a low fat diet.  I was deeply upset.  I didn’t want to go directly to medication.  I wanted to try to fix this situation by diet and exercise.

I knew people who followed  Natalie Jill.  I read her blogs and post, and reached out to her for a custom plan.   She told me it needed to be LOW CARB—Not LOW FAT.  As she explained to me, a lot of the right kinds of fats are good for you.  On my new plan, I could eat nuts.  That was great news for me.  I love nuts, and had always stayed away from them because I thought they were “fattening.”  Natalie explained to me that I needed to eat small, frequent meals—all containing a balance of the right kind of protein, fat and carbohydrate.

It WORKED!  In three months, I lost 10 pounds, and when I went back to the doctor and did another A1C, my levels had gone down to 5.9! The doctor asked me how I did it.  I refrained from saying, “not by your low fat stuff”  which is what his dietician had recommended! I told him I followed a low carb eating plan, and he said, “Keep up the good work.”

Lori Fran, author“Going Dental in New Jersey”

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