101 healthy things you can start TODAY!

101 healthy things you can start TODAY!

101 healthy things you can start TODAY!


  1. Drink more water
  2. Clean out your fridge get rid of the junk
  3. Clean out your pantry and get rid of the junk
  4. Stock your fridge with lean proteins, fresh veggies, fruits and nuts
  5. Shop the outside aisles of the grocery store only
  6. Carry all of your groceries in a basket instead of pushing a cart
  7. Use the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator
  8. Park further away from your destination
  9. Workout
  10. Plan out your meals for the week
  11. Stock your grocery cart with only items that come from an animal, plant, sea or ground
  12. Write out your goals
  13. Make a vision board of how you would like to see yourself!
  14. Drink a cup of green tea
  15. Break a sweat
  16. Meditate
  17. Try yoga
  18. Stretch
  19. Play with your pet
  20. Play with your kids
  21. Walk to the store
  22. Add more protein to your diet
  23. Eat a lot of vegetables
  24. Try a new fruit
  25. Leave off the sauce
  26. Skip the bread basket
  27. Cook a meal from scratch
  28. Don’t eat any processed foods today
  29. Don’t eat any refined sugar today
  30. Eat a mini meal of natural foods every 3 hours
  31. Don’t stuff yourself
  32. Tell someone you love them
  33. Divorce a negative friend
  34. Quit an unhappy job
  35. Look for a new career
  36. Read motivational stories
  37. Apologize
  38. Read a book
  39. Finish what you started
  40. Be optimistic
  41. Drop excuses
  42. Find a solution
  43. Be accountable
  44. Make your own luck!
  45. Take a brisk walk
  46. Talk to an inspirational friend
  47. Go to bed earlier
  48. Don’t watch TV
  49. Try some vegetable juice
  50. Cook with coconut oil
  51. Drink some coconut water
  52. Try a vegan dish
  53. Try a new kind of nut
  54. Eat some seeds
  55. Don’t eat anything that has ingredients you can’t define
  56. Volunteer
  57. Donate some time
  58. Donate some money
  59. Hire a trainer
  60. Hire a nutritionist
  61. Try a new workout class
  62. Join a boot camp
  63. Try a new sport
  64. Play tag with your kids (or borrow your friends kids!)
  65. Play fetch with your dog (or borrow a neighbors!)
  66. Walk up a hill
  67. Join a walking, jogging, running or hiking group
  68. Go for a hike
  69. Do 10 jumping jacks
  70. Do 10 push ups
  71. Do 10 situps
  72. Do them again!
  73. Lunge around your house
  74. Hop around your house
  75. Shovel  your drive way if there is snow
  76. Rake your lawn if there are leaves!
  77. Mow your own lawn
  78. Take off your shoes before going in your house
  79. Wash your face before you go to bed
  80. Plant your own herbs
  81. Try some new spices
  82. Add sea salt to a dish
  83. Try a new recipe 
  84. Walk to run your errands
  85. Predict your own future by creating it!
  86. Meet a friend for a workout instead of happy hour
  87. Walk on your lunch break
  88. Dust off your blender
  89. Buy a blender if you don’t have one!
  90. Buy a juicer
  91. Watch the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly dead
  92. Watch the documentary Forks over Knives
  93. Watch a funny movie
  94. Laugh
  95. Clean out your closet
  96. Donate clothes that are too big and swear you will never go back to that size!
  97. Skip the butter
  98. Skip the high heels today
  99. Put your gym bag in the car
  100. Put motivating music on your music player to pump up your workouts!
  101. Read some motivating fitness blogs…

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It takes just 7 days for a something to become a habit… –Natalie Jill

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