GOAL Accomplishment – With My 3-tier Method

GOAL Accomplishment – With My 3-tier Method

GOAL Accomplishment!

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Goal Accomplishment – Why is it that so many quit, lose interest or never even fully begin their goal intentions while others seem to accomplish everything they announce they want to go after?

The key ingredient to accomplishing goals is writing them down. We have all heard this but do we REALLY do this and is it effective? It is if you take this a step beyond using a 3- Tier method

The reward is that if you DO THIS detailed step, you WILL ACCOMPLISH your goals. The more thought and detail you put into this exercise the more likely and quickly you will achieve your goals and intentions.

How to do the 3-tier method : Grab three sheets of paper. On the top of each label one “Fantasy”, the second “Long Term” and the third “Short Term.” Now it is time to start writing and to be as detailed as possible!

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Natalie Jill Fitness

FANTASY: This is your dream page. If you could achieve everything you have ever desired, what would those things be? What does it look like? What does it feel like? What does it taste and smell like and who is with you? Where are you living? What are you doing? What do you look and feel like? How are you spending your time? Be as DETAILED as possible.

LONG TERM : This is your one year plan to help you achieve those “fantasy goals” and to make a dent in them. What needs to happen this year to make those things come to fruition? What do you need to invest your time and energy into this year? Who do you need to associate with this year to make sure you are surrounded with the right support?

SHORT TERM: This is your daily, weekly, monthly plan. Again, as detailed as possible. What do you need to do every single day to make those long term goals possible? Be as specific as possible. Do you need to change your eating daily? Do you need to workout daily? Do you need to save daily? Do you need to make certain phone calls daily? This is where it matters! If you are not doing things DAILY to help with your long term goals your FANTASY goals won’t stand a chance!

If done correctly, you will generate feeling and emotions during this project. The right feelings and emotions will attract the results you want by calling you to action!

Once you are done this exercise I suggest you take things a bit further and “Act as if” these long term and fantasy goals will happen. An example of this is moving to another city. If you have always wanted to live in say Miami but you are stuck in West VA, “acting as if” would involve interviewing for jobs in Miami, house or apartment shopping in Miami, getting out of your lease in WV and telling your friends you are moving! If you want to win a fitness competition are you ACTING as if  you are already competing? Are you acting as if you will win? If you are not “acting as if” your goals will not ever “magically” happen!
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