The many benefits of Sea Salt!

The many benefits of Sea Salt!

The Many Benefits of Sea Salt

We  have ALL heard it before… “avoid salt!” But where does this stem from? Unless you have high blood pressure or are nearing a competition or photoshoot and are closely monitoring your sodium intake, you should keep reading about the many benefits of sea salt!

  • WEIGHT LOSS- Yes, it’s true! Did you know that sea salt helps create digestive juices which help your body digest and eliminate foods faster?
  •  HAPPINESS HAPPENS– Sea salt has actually proved effective in treating many kinds of depression. Did you know that Sea Salt has the power to help preserve melatonin AND Serotonin which help you “feel good”?  It’s true!
  • SLEEP – Sleep is ESSENTIAL for good health and for recovery from our tough workouts. For the same reason  salt can help you “feel happy” (melatonin and serotonin)- these essential things help you relax which will help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep through the night.
  • MUSCLES FUNCTION BETTER – Sea Salt contains small amounts of POTASSIUM which is critical for helping muscles function properly.  Not only that, when you sweat, your body loses a lot of sodium during the process.  Your body NEEDS salt if you are working out with intensity and getting your SWEAT ON!
  • CRAVINGS- We have ALL had them. We crave sweet, then salty, then sweet and back to salty again. Rather then reaching for those highly processed foods to satisfy these cravings, try adding a small amount to sea salt to your healthy choices like vegetables! You will be surprised how the sea salt will satisfy the cravings without sacrificing your healthy diet!
  • IMMUNE SYSTEM– Want to avoid colds, the  flu and many allergies?  Sea salt will help you build a stronger immune system.  Nothing wrecks your workout routine like being sick.  So stay healthy, stay in the gym, and enjoy the benefits of sea salt by adding a little to your veggies, and stir-fry’s!

So, the next time you hear one of your friends saying that salt is ‘bad’ for you, you can smile knowing the truth that there ARE many benefits to adding some sea salt to your nutrition program!

Workout with intensity, dial in your nutrition, and get the body you desire!

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