Advance Your Bodyweight Workout – video

Advance Your Bodyweight Workout – video

Advance Your Bodyweight Workout VIDEO: Bodyweight Workout with Lebert Bars

I am a HUGE FAN of bodyweight workout! You know this.  But some people ask me if I ever use any equipment. The answer is YES, but it’s ALL equipment that helps to add to your own bodyweight routine — in other words, it’s still all FUNCTIONAL fitness training. Here are a few of my favorite exercises that will really challenge you and advance your bodyweight workout! Are you ready?

As many of you already know, I LOVE to workout with my Lebert bars. So many of you express that you love them, too!

So, I wanted to make another workout using them for you. They are great because they help you to progress your workouts! Today’s workouts are meant to get your stronger ALL over!

Advance Your Bodyweight Workout 1- Modified Chin Up 

Advance Your Bodyweight Workout

This is great for those who are learning to do pull ups or chin ups for the first time. It’s a great way to start progressing toward the real deal.

Extend your feet and legs out. Choose your hand grip. A chin up would be with your palms facing you; a pull up would be with your palms facing outward.

Work using your upper body strength to pull yourself up. It’s okay if you can only do one! As you master these you become closer to progressing toward a full pull up or chin up!

If you don’t have a Lebert bar you can use a lowered squat rack at the gym. I like these because you can use them at home!

Advance Your Bodyweight Workout 2- Modified Tricep Dip

You can start with your feet on the floor if you need to, but the goal is to do this without your feet touching.

Place both hands on your Lebert bars and use your triceps to dip down and back up. You can either do a full range of motion by going all the way down OR you can do a mini-movement.

Either way, you will be working your triceps and core.

Advance Your Bodyweight Workout 3- L-Sit 

This is one of my FAVORITE ab workouts!

It’s super challenging and also works your triceps! Using your arms and core, push up off of the Lebert bars and raise your legs to form an L with your body. Hold yourself up using your abs.

Advance Your Bodyweight Workout 4 – Ab Swing

In that same lower hold position from the L-sit’s, rock your knees forward and back in a swinging motion. Make sure you are engaging your abs to swing.

Advance Your Bodyweight Workout 5 – Tricep Push Up

You will probably want to use a cushion or a mat (or a towel) for this one under your knees.

Place your hands on a bar in front of you and lean down into a push-up and then bring it back up.

The further out you place the bar from your body, the more of your abs you will be working, too.

Advance Your Bodyweight Workout 6 – Agility Hops

There are a few different agility moves that can be done with the Lebert bar as well. You can really get creative, but the ones I like to do are agility hops.

To do agility hops you jump over the Lebert bar on its side.  This is a great way to get that heart rate up!

There you are! I hope you enjoy these moves to advance your bodyweight workout as much as I do! 🙂 What’d you think?!

Be Happy… Be Healthy… Be FIT!

-Natalie Jill

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