Aging In Reverse Super Food Smoothie

Aging In Reverse Super Food Smoothie

Aging in Reverse Super food smoothie!

Oh how I love sunbutter! It makes everything BETTER Here is a new smoothie to try that is Gluten Free, NUT FREE, Grain free and dairy free but certainly not nutrition or taste free! It is SO GOOD!

Aging In Reverse Super Food Smoothie

Step ONE! Grab these nutrition rich ingredients

1/2 cup Frozen mixed berries
hand full of Baby carrots
Hand full of Greens or greens powder
Frozen Pitaya pouch (dragon fruit)
2 Tbsp Nut Free SunButter Sunflower Butter
1 scoop of an optional protein powder

Step TWO! Ready to blend?

 I use frozen fruit instead of adding ice. This gives it a great slushy and creamy texture without having to water it down with ice!Add your liquid of choice (coconut milk, almond milk, coconut water or plain filtered water) and BLEND!

Step THREE add some texture and make it photo worthy

Want to make it Pinterest photo worthy and add some texture? Pour into a mason jar with a colorful straw and top with these optional super foods:

1 tsp Raw cacao
1 tsp Shredded Coconut
Grain free granola

ENJOY! This recipe serves TWO!

More reasons to use sunbutter?


The top 8 food allergies in the US and Canada include peanuts, tree nuts, soy, milk, eggs, wheat, fish and shell fish. Sunbutter has NONE of these.

Healthy Fats!

SunButter has the GOOD kind of fat! AND I am a “fat fan!” Healthy fat curbs cravings and hunger and reduces bad cholesterol! No bad or trans fat here!

It is Vegan and Vegetarian!

No animal products in SunButter! Side note, Sunbutter is also KOSHER!

It is powered by the sun!

Sunflowers are heliotropic, meaning they swivel to face the sun. This allows them to soak up as much sun-power as possible and makes SunButter a great source of healthy energy!

SunButter is eco friendly!

Sunflowers are super eco-friendly. They use way less water than almonds, which use 400 gallons of irrigation per 1lb jar. SunButter shells get recycled as bedding for turkeys!

SEEDS over Nuts!

SunButter has more vitamins and nutrients than most other nut butters. We’re looking at you cashew, almond, and peanut butter.


Natalie Jill

For another amazing sunbutter recipe  (sunbutter chocolate cups) go here

PS this recipe is approved for 7 Day Jump Start fat loss meal plan and my Aging in Reverse Book plan!



Natalie Jill

Natalie Jill is a Fat Loss Expert turned high performance coach who helps woman Age In Reverse and level up their lives! Natalie Jill is the author of two best selling books "7 Day Jump Start- Unprocess Your Diet" and "Aging in Reverse" and has been recognized from Forbes and Greatist several years running as one of the top health and wellness influencers in the world. She is also the creator and host of the top ranking podcast Leveling Up Creating Everything from Nothing. . To know more about Natalie Jill, you can visit her Facebook Profile.