Beachside FULL BODY Vacation Workout – video

Beachside FULL BODY Vacation Workout – video

Beachside FULL BODY Vacation Workout – video

Today we are taking it beachside to do a FULL BODY workout.  Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a workout! Are you IN? Don’t just watch — do this beachside full body vacation workout with me!

Vacation Workout 1. Side Plank Thread the Needles 

From a side plank, reach one arm over your head, and then cross it over your body and reach underneath your side. Complete on one side before switching to the next.

Vacation Workout 2. Side Oblique Crunch 

From a side plank position, bring the top knee in toward the top arm at your midsection. Complete on one side before switching to the next.

Vacation Workout 3. Tricep Shimmies 

From a pushup position, shimmy (rock) your body back and forth in the down position. This should REALLY work your triceps.

Vacation Workout 4. One Legged Plank Push Up 

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From a plank position, do a push up. But instead of having both feet on the ground, raise one leg and extend it behind you. Complete on one side before switching to the next.

Vacation Workout 5. Walk Outs 

Standing, bend over to touch your toes, and walk your arms out in front of you until you are as far as you can extend. Then walk back in.

Vacation Workout 6. Pike Walk Outs 

Now, instead of walking your arms out in front of you, you will keep your hands stationary, and walk your legs out into a pushup position, and then back into a V. When you get to the top (the V), make sure you are bringing it in as far as you can.

Vacation Workout 7. Side Plank Walks 

From a side plank, engage your core and walk your feet around in a half circle. First forward, then backward. Then switch sides. This one move will work your entire body!

Vacation Workout 8. Ab Shimmies

From a sit up position, engage your core and shimmy from side to side.

Vacation Workout 9. Flutter Kicks 

Sit up on your forearms and alternate your legs up and down. Slightly cross over the other leg each time.

Vacation Workout 10. Hands to Feet

Extend on he ground so that you are flat. Bring your arms and your legs in to touch if possible, keeping your back flat on the ground. This one is killer for your entire ab group. It even works those hard to target lower abs.

Vacation Workout 11. Hand to Foot Crossovers 

Now take opposite arm to opposite leg from that same position. Again, killer for the abs!

Vacation Workout 12. Knee Tucks 

Sitting more up on your tailbone, bring your knees into your chest.

Vacation Workout 13. Knee Tucks with Tricep Dip

Do knee tucks, but now add a tricep dip with each one! Burn baby!

Vacation Workout 14. Tricep Crawl

Sitting on your bottom, legs extended in front of you, lift your weight onto your hands. Walk your feet in and out so that you go from almost sitting to almost flat. Are your triceps burning yet?!

Vacation Workout 15. Sit Throughs

From a tabletop on all fours, sit your booty through so that it’s as if you are about to sit down, without actually sitting down.

Not burning yet? Repeat the beachside full body workout from top to bottom! 🙂

Thanks for working out with me today! How do you feel after that full body workout? What types of workouts would you like to see next? Comment below and let me know!


-Natalie Jill

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