Blame Doesn’t Fix Things

Blame Doesn’t Fix Things

Blame Doesn’t Fix Things

You can’t build amazing things on a broken foundation…

Blame Doesn’t Fix Things pinterest thumbnailBrooks is my second husband. Yup… had a failed marriage before. And, as I have shared before we (me and Brooks Hollan) also almost did not make it a few years back. That would have been divorce number two.

When marriages fail is it the “other persons fault?” Or is it an internal thing that created a break down? Just something to think about.

When we blame the other and don’t take any responsibility we get to be right but it doesn’t fix a marriage.

Last week I shared a post about what has worked and what has not worked with us and I was giggling at all the messages we got asking us for relationship advise. Not giggling at the questions (they were great questions!) but giggling at them being asked to me!

I am NOT a relationship expert (not even close) but we ARE both committed to growth and each other and that is why we are in a very good place (together 10 years)

I shared a list of what worked and didn’t work in the last post (you can see it a few back in my feed) but the number one thing we both believe helped us come together stronger?

Going Internal and workout on ourselves first was critical. We are all each 100% responsible for what we want to make out of life and our relationships. We had to go internal and fix ourselves first. It is not until we felt whole and complete with our wounds and history that we could show up powerfully for each other.

Relationships won’t grow strong on their own and they won’t stay strong on their own…. they take growth and a commitment to that.

Our friend Dimple Thakrar is phenomenal with relationship. She’s actually a LOVE COACH?! What?! Never even knew that was a thing before haha! And TODAY she’s on Leveling Up: Creating Everything From Nothing sharing a LOT! Don’t miss this episode! Look for “leveling up” on any podcast app.


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