Creating A Legendary Relationship with Lance & Brandy Salazar

Creating A Legendary Relationship with Lance & Brandy Salazar

Creating A Legendary Relationship with Lance & Brandy Salazar

5 years ago, Lance and Brandy Salazar were nearly divorced. Having kids abruptly deprioritized their marriage, and they lacked deep intimacy and connection. They were disconnected, frustrated, unhappy, and they knew they weren’t modeling the marriage they wanted for their girls.

At the point of calling it quits, they made one last effort to save their relationship. This time, they tried something new.

Their results were so effective that they applied the same method and principles to their family and brought their daughters along on this journey with them.

So, in 2017 they quit their 20-year careers, sold their ‘dream home’, began homeschooling their daughters, and have dedicated their efforts to this mission; helping couples with children everywhere build the most amazing and flourishing relationships possible!

Join in TODAY and learn exactly how Lance and Brandy Salazar LEVELED UP and created everything from nothing!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The importance of prioritizing your partner
  • How broken doesn’t mean done
  • How to become legendary
  • How to stay consistent and committed


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