Creating Income From Home

Creating Income From Home

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The reality of the Corona Virus is getting real…The virus is spreading. States are implementing state wide shut downs and our economy is taking a huge hit.

To put this in perspective, 2 weeks ago there were 220k unemployment claims. Last week 290k. By the close of this week, it will be 2.5m (or close) 2.5 MILLION

This is not a time to panic but it is a time to be aware and be proactive and creative. Amazing incredible ideas are born in hard times.

I have been an entrepreneur for years- I’ve been through some VERY hard times as well as some incredibly lucrative times and here is what I have learned…


  • Blaming
  • Doing nothing and worrying
  • Doing nothing thinking it will pass
  • Not being open to pivoting
  • Just pushing selling or offering more of what you’ve been currently doing (when it doesn’t match the current situation)
  • Not coming from a place of service and helping

HERE IS WHAT DOES WORK when creating something from nothing:

  • Getting clear on what problems people are currently facing.
  • Getting clear on what skill set and knowledge you have that can help solve this for people.
  • Creating a WIN WIN

Now is the time to get creative. To brainstorm. To think outside of the box and ask for brainstorming help.

I started a storyboard on my NatalieJillFit Instagram HERE. You can find it by looking at my IG home page there. Under the bio you will see a category called “income ideas”. As I think of more and as many share ideas I will be adding to it! If you are in need of an idea take a look there! If you HAVE any ideas and are open to sharing please comment under the post of me sitting with my coffee cup OR please send them to me through DM on Instagram. I want to use my platform to help.

Some other resources and I think you will find helpful in these times:

On my podcast, Leveling up creating everything from nothing, I have done over 180 interviews with people that created everything from nothing! They shifted and succeeded during hard time. I believe these interviews will empower you with so much motivation. They are all FREE! You can find them on iTunes HERE

My friend Chalene Johnson dedicated her WHOLE Build Your Tribe Podcast to navigating through tough times with the virus and the economy. You can find her podcast HERE

This article with 700,000 Job ideas! LOVED this article from CBSNews here

Network Marketing… Say what you want about network marketing done wrong… If you do it ethically with a product you TRULY love and that could help people this is the time to explore it. EXPLORE not EXPLOIT. Most successful people I know that have bounced back from hard times have learned to create multiple streams of income. Network marketing produces residual income and can truly be a blessing in times like these! When looking for a company to align with my thoughts are: Make sure you actually use and love the products. Make sure the products are something that can truly help others. Make sure it is a stand up company with a track record and history of ethical practices. Make sure your intentions behind aligning fit with you and those you will be helping with it. If you wish to talk with me more about this I am happy to do it off of this forum- message me through my website.

We are all in this TOGETHER


Natalie Jill



Natalie Jill

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