There is no acceptable excuse not to eat healthy…

There is no acceptable excuse not to eat healthy…

**Although this blog was originally published in 2011 it was updated in April 2018**

There is no acceptable excuse not to eat healthy….

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The excuses are out there! “You can’t eat healthy because you are traveling, have no control over what is being ordered or you don’t have time….” I hear these all of the time but I won’t accept them. Unless someone is sitting there force feeding food into you,  then what you chose to put into your body is your choice alone.

It is not hard, expensive or inconvenient to eat healthy. There are always options if you want it bad enough. Some of the excuses  and how you can overcome them…

You are traveling and there will only be unhealthy options. So what? Here is what you can do: Order a protein from the menu (Eggs, fish, chicken, steak, turkey, tofu, temp-eh) and ask them to not cook it in butter or oil. Order a salad and ask for them to leave off the cheese , dressing and croutons. Use olive oil and vinegar as your dressing and voila! Olive oil makes your perfect healthy fat. I don’t believe there is a restaurant in existence that does not have protein choices and salad choices. No one makes you eat the bread , cheese laden foods or the fried meats. You make that choice.

You have a working lunch and the food is pre-ordered. If you know this will be the case and you are not in charge of ordering it doesn’t mean you HAVE to eat what they are providing. You could pack your own lunch… Is this awkward? If it is, throw snacks in your bag or keep them at your desk. There are many items that don’t require refrigeration or microwaves and are very convenient to carry. Some ideas are: Whey protein (you can always mix this with just water), almonds, apples and trail mix. All of those snack choices will do in a pinch and are better choices then the buffet of pasta , mayonnaise drained sandwiches, or pizzas coming in for the working lunches.

You don’t have time to prepare healthy meals. Here is how you get around this… Buy in bulk and freeze and then prepare a head of time. Pick a day of the week that is slower for you and replace your “watching television time” with cutting, preparing and storing. Great items to always have in your freezer are chicken, fish, shrimp, vegetables, berries, brown rice and mashed yams. You can buy all of these in bulk inexpensively and then defrost and prepare them into mini meals once a week. This way, your fridge is stocked with ready to grab and eat meals! This will make it easier to grab healthy meals in a pinch.

Healthy is expensive– No it isn’t! Shop the parameters of the grocery store as your guide (produce, proteins, whole grains) and buy in bulk from stores like Sam’s club and Costco. If you buy in bulk you can freeze items and they will last a long time.Eating healthy is LESS expensive then buying processed and unhealthy foods. Eating healthy is convenient, inexpensive AND time efficient. There is no excuse for you not to do this. How BAD do you want it? Make a decision, commit to it, become a healthier you and get results.

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