Elizabeth is down 36 pounds!

Elizabeth is down 36 pounds!

Mom loses weight – Elizabeth is down 36 pounds!

This mom loses weight, 36 pounds to be exact, and just had the SAME red dress taken in 6+ inches for an Oscar’s party! I LOVE getting messages like these! Meet Elizabeth!

mom loses weight elizabeth transformation with natalie jill

You HAVE to read this mom’s story, how she lost weight, and learn what her daughter said that made her DECIDE to change.

In Elizabeth’s words:

“I just want to share my success with you! In late August 2015, I decided to make some big lifestyle changes with regard to my eating and exercising.

I began speaking negatively about myself; even in front of my daughter, which is something I swore I’d never do! I called myself “fat”, “gross”, etc in front of her!

I quit exercising because I couldn’t run off the calories I was eating because I was putting horrible foods into my body.

It was back in August that my daughter finally spoke up and said something to me in response to hearing me call myself “fat” yet again…she said, “Mommy, you never used to talk about yourself like.”

Yes, my “wise beyond her 12 years” daughter said it! I was both surprised and ashamed. She was right. That was when I decided it was time to make some changes.

I had already tried a few of the quick workouts you posted on Facebook and I liked them…I liked Natalie Jill’s enthusiasm and encouraging spirit! So, I signed up to start receiving the workout calendars.

I started following the calendar and doing all 3 workouts listed each day! A couple weeks into my first month of the workout calendar, I invested in the 7-day Jump Start – The Plan!

The 7-day Jump Start – The Plan has served as a guide to meal planning. I love it! I lost 7 pounds in the first week and have now lost a total of 36 pounds! And I’m still going! I am happier, healthier and fitter…thanks to you!

I could go on and on about what this journey has been like for me…the good days and the more challenging days! But, mostly, I just wanted to share my before/after photo with you! My husband and kids have a hard time believing it’s the same person in both pictures!

I tell people all the time about your programs and how amazing you are! Thank you for your commitment to helping others be healthy…I’m just one more to add to your list of thousands you’ve helped.


Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your inspiring success story with us. You DECIDED to make good choices, made a LIFESTYLE change…and look at you now!


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“Be Happy… Be Healthy… Be FIT!”

– Natalie Jill



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