From Addict to World Changer with Anna David

From Addict to World Changer with Anna David

From Addict to World Changer with Anna David

Once a serious addict, Anna David wanted to die. She was isolated, hated herself and turned to drugs like cocaine to numb the pain of childhood trauma. Starting alcohol at age 12, her life spiraled into a lonely life of addiction as she tried desperately to mask her pain.

After a life altering event forced her to face the true music of her addiction and choices, she decided to enter recovery.

18 years sober now,Anna David is now aNew York Timesand #1 Amazon bestselling authorof two novels and five non-fiction books about addiction, recovery and relationships.

She’s been publishedinThe New York Times, Time, The LA Times, Vanity Fair, Playboy, Vice, Cosmo, People, Marie Claire, Redbook, Esquire, Self, Women’s Health, The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and Salon among many others,written aboutin numerous publications, includingForbes, Martha Stewart Living, Entrepreneur, AllureandWomen’s Healthand has appeared repeatedlyon TheToday Show, Hannity, Attack of the Show, Dr. Drew, Red Eye, The Talk, The CBS Morning Show, The Insiderand numerous other programs on Fox News, NBC, CBS, MTV, VH1 and E.

Annaspeaks at collegesacross the country about relationships, addiction and recovery and has been a featured speaker at three different TedX events. Through her company,Light Hustler, she helps creatives share their dark to find their light—throughcoaching,writing,workshops,retreats,online courses, apodcast, astorytelling showand more.

Join us today as Anna David shares ALL and shows us how she continually LEVELS UP creating everything from nothing.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to get sober and begin your rise to the top
  • How to not allow your past to define you
  • The art of sharing your dark to create your light



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