Gluten Free Diet and Gaining Weight

Gluten Free Diet and Gaining Weight

Are you on a Gluten Free Diet and GAINING weight?

Did you know that many Gluten Free baked products are actually MORE fattening and higher in calories then Non Gluten Free baked products?

Here is why: When wheat flour (which is lower on the gylcemic index and higher in fiber) is replaced with lower fiber higher glycemic flours such as corn, potato and rice flours, the sugar and calorie content goes up! This not only adds calories but this makes the absorption rate into your blood stream very rapid. When this happens, your body reacts by creating an insulin spike which in turn will make you more hungry and ultimately heavier- YIKES!

When eating Gluten Free, it is BEST to stick with whole foods such as rice, whole sweet potatoes or yams, Gluten Free oatmeal or quinioa vs. the baked goods. If you must indulge with pancakes, waffles, muffins etc… don’t assume that the Gluten Free varieties are healthier for you. Instead of buying the pre-packaged ready made frozen Gluten Free items and baked goods, make them yourself from scratch adding higher fiber foods such as oatmeal into the flour. If you do not have time to make these from scratch use ½ of a gluten free mix and substitute the other ½ with oatmeal. Using oatmeal in the mix will lower the glycemic index, slow down the absorption into your blood stream and control that insulin spike.

If you are a Celiac or Gluten intolerant it is a must to stick to a gluten free diet, but to be on a Gluten Free Diet to “just lose weight” obviously will not work if you start substituting gluten containing baked products with gluten free baked products.

-Natalie Jill

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