How do you get abs? -VIDEO

How do you get abs? -VIDEO

How do you get Abs?

Keri Glassman recently featured me on her site discussing how to get abs! Sharing the AB interview with you here:

Nutrition and Exercise Play a RoleHow do you Get Abs with Keri Glassman

It’s true, you need to find a healthy balance between your diet and exercise as they both play a vital role in your fitness journey. I always say, “everyone has abs,” but for some people, they are just hiding under a few layers. They are there, I promise!

Don’t Isolate Muscles

What do I mean by this? If you take a chest fly machine for instance, you are basically isolating every other muscle, besides the chest muscles. What does that mean? It means you’re only working your chest; the rest of your body is strapped in and you’re only focusing on that one area! You may aesthetically build muscle in some areas, but it’s definitely not efficient.

Be Active Daily in Some Way

You don’t have to race out of the gate like a horse at a track, but you can take baby steps along the way. Maybe park a little further from the shopping center to get some walking in or walk the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Take a walk around the block when you get home from work. Workout with the time you have! You can carve out five minutes in your day; you just have to DECIDE that’s a priority.

Crunches ONLY will not give you a flat tummy.

You can do endless amounts of a single exercise and that may work temporarily, but wouldn’t it be so much better if you had a strong core and could maintain a flat tummy ALL the time?

Train with Intensity and Progression “IP”

You need to do what is challenging for you. If talking on your cell phone while on the Elliptical is challenging for you, then great. Keep at it! If 3 sets of 12 of one exercise is not intense, try sprinting at full force for 30 seconds. You should always be progressing; constantly forcing yourself to get stronger and pushing yourself to the limit. What’s more intense: 12 sets of a chest fly or doing a plank (obviously in proper form) in push up position for 1 minute?

Be Accountable

It’s all about YOU! No one else is going to do it for you! Here are my favorite phrases: Eliminate excuses, Be Accountable, There is a solution to every excuse, Excuses or Solutions – you decide! There is ALWAYS a way to become a better YOU!

Find something you like to do!

It’s not about hours of cardio or strength training; it’s about finding something you like to do. You can make changes to your health and fitness, the way your body looks in just a couple minutes a day. Just find time in that schedule.

Home Workouts

Maybe going to a gym intimidates you or you don’t have the money for a gym membership or you don’t have time. Workout at HOME! I know we all have a lot of responsibilities, but if it means waking up a little earlier in order to get some exercise in, then quit pushing the “Snooze” button and get up! No excuses!

For me personally, I shifted to obtaining a strong core and workout out functionally, meaning I’m working multiple body parts (i.e. back, chest, abs, core, midsection, shoulders) using my own bodyweight, at the same time. I have maintained and improved my body with no more than 15 minutes a day. But remember, I train with intensity, my workouts are short and effective, I love core based exercises they always kick my butt.

Be Happy… Be Healthy… Be Fit!

Natalie Jill

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