Proper Digestion in 5 easy steps!

Proper Digestion in 5 easy steps!

Two thousand years ago Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine said, “all diseases begin in the gut!

Being a celiac who consults with clients frequently about nutrition, I get a lot of questions about digestion, so I turned to a true expert in the field.

I consulted with Rachel Feldman, a Board Certified Health Coach and Digestive Wellness Expert to learn more about digestion and how certain foods play a role in our digestive health.  Read on for some KEY tips to keep your stomach feeling good.

In Rachel’s words…

We are approaching summer time and in the summer not only do our bodies get hot, but also our digestion heats up. Digestion problems are the usually worse for people during the warmer months. If you live in a warm climate year round then you really have to be pay attention to the foods you eat year round to support proper digestion.

In the summer we are more prone to digestion problems because our bodies are already dealing with the exterior heat. We are already dehydrated and hydration is key for digestion. It is important to pay close attention to shifting your eating habits for the summer. Here are some suggestions.

Keeping it simple – 5 Steps


1. Eat Less

Remember your digestion will actually work more efficiently when you are not confusing it with too many foods. An efficient digestion means an efficient metabolism. To prevent summer bloating, avoid over eating. Eat smaller portions but make sure the foods you are eating are nutrient dense, high quality foods. Also add leafy greens to your foods, these foods will keep you hydrated and cooled off.

2. Keep Drinking

During the summer and even the warmer spring months, our bodies sweat more and we get dehydrated. So make sure you are drinking enough water and add cooling fruits to your water like grapefruit or lemon or lime for extra taste. Adding mint or cucumber is great because they are cooling plus taste great in water. When you are dehydrated, your body retains water and digestion gets impaired. You need proper minerals and electrolyte balance for proper digestion.

3. Avoid hot spices

During the summer months, our bodies get inflamed. So avoid the spices. There is a reason you sweat when you eat cayenne or curry, right? So lessen those hot spices, even though they boost metabolism and make sure you are eating in balance. Instead try experimenting with cooling spices such as fennel, cilantro. turmeric, fenugreek, mint, basil, dill, and fresh ginger to name a few.

4. Foods that hydrate

When thinking about good digestion, I think about moisture in the stomach. Bad digestion happens when the stomach gets heated up, so lets put out the fire when you are feeling hot with these foods: apples, watermelon, pears, cucumber, tomatoes, celery, radish, and romaine lettuce to name a few.

5. Balance of good and bad bacteria

Our digestive system often gets heated up when we are not properly digesting our food. Not having enough good bacteria in the digestive system can lead to weight gain, acid reflux, chronic sickness, disease, auto-immune disorders, hormonal imbalances, sinus infections, depression to name a few. Take a good quality probiotic to prevent disease and to improve the quality of your digestion.

About Rachel

Rachel Feldman is a Health Coach and Digestive Wellness Expert that also specializes in Reiki Energy Healing.  Visit for more info.  You can also contact Rachel about probiotics that can aid your digestion through here website.


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