Short full body workout using resistance bands

Short full body workout using resistance bands

Short Full Body Workout Using Resistance Bands!

I am a huge fan of body weight training, but I DO love to use some “equipment” to help make body weight training more challenging and creative. Resistance bands are one of those things I am a fan of.

Here, I am showing you four effective exercises you can do using a band (you can use a band with handles or a simple latex tubing band).

Bands allow you to create greater resistance with your own body weight. I refer to it as “functional training” vs. using a machine which restricts everything. If you don’t have a band, not to worry… just follow along. You can do these with just your own body weight and no bands as well.

Resistance Band For An Upper Body Back Focus

Place your hands shoulder width apart on that band and open up wide and squeeze, really feeling it in your back. The closer you place your hands on that band, the harder the resistance and the harder the exercise.

Resistance Bands For An Upper Body Shoulder Focus

Step on the band, again about shoulder distance apart, working one arm at a time and raise your shoulder. It’s just a simple forward raise. Definition in those shoulders will make your waist look smaller too!!! Switch and repeat on the other arm.

Resistance Bands For A Lower Body Leg Focus

Tie the band around your legs, right below your knees and take it into a squat. Once you get down low in that squat, step open and tap – right to left. The lower you go, the harder it’s going to be. You should really feel this in your glutes. If you can’t stay low for a long period of time, mimic climbing a ladder by bringing that squat up and then back down.

Resistance Bands for a Lower Body Glute Focus

Take it to the ground and lay on your back. Place the band across the front of your thighs, creating resistance and then lift up into a glute bridge. The tighter you hold band, the harder it’s going to be. Keep those heels planted and dig through them, also feeling it in your hamstrings.


-Natalie Jill

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