Stop doing 3 sets of 12

Stop doing 3 sets of 12

Your 3 sets of 12 will not change your body..Nor will you leaning on the elliptical for an hour.🤭

Ok I said it. More real talk… Giving it to you straight.

It’s not that you are “older” or that “fat loss got harder” it is that you stopped working your workout.

What does that mean?

It means you get to learn progression and intensity. You see, when you just go through the motions “counting” or doing the same moves you have been doing for years and years your body gets USED to them and it goes from being a challenge to easy street. Easy street equals weight gain and loss of muscle.

Progression and INTENSITY is what changes your body.

A huge reason I’m a fan of Body weight moves is this! You can’t cheat the system and by doing MORE or changing up the pace you will stay in that zone of progression and intensity and THAT will make the difference.

It’s also incredibly functional and effective.

Now I’ve taken about 4 weeks off from challenging myself since I had PRP a month ago and coming back to this and realizing how much strength I lost in 4 weeks was such a great reminder.

And NO my injury has nothing to do with this type of training. If I had learned to train this way YEARS ago I would have avoided the injury I got. But watch… watch how quickly I regain strength and lose fat training this way. 4 weeks of this type of training is radical results effective!

It doesn’t matter where you are starting from. It doesn’t matter how “old” you are (BTW I am 47 and My daughter in here on the sled is 12!) it’s always about progressing from where you are and creating intensity. If you have an injury practice intensity and progression with what you CAN do.

Some of my favorite moves for this?

Chin ups
Modified pull ups
All things rings 😊

And this is my daughter at the end of this video pushing a 45 lb plate on the sled! Her form is awesome and I wish someone had taught me functional training when I was her age!

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Natalie Jill

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