Stop Workout Progression…Stop Getting Results!

Stop Workout Progression…Stop Getting Results!

**this blog was originally published on October 11, 2012 but was updated on January 3, 2016**

Not Achieving the RESULTS You Used to Have?

Not getting the results you want? Do you think it’s your age? Your metabolism? Your gym? Think again.

It may be a workout progression problem. When you stop progressing you stop getting results. Without workout progression you can’t change and improve.

Why Does This Happen?workout progression with natalie jill

Our bodies are very efficient. When our bodies get comfortable with routines and workouts they learn to use less energy to achieve the same motion. They become more efficient.

This may sound like a good thing, but it is not. When we stop progressing we stop changing. It also becomes increasingly difficult to maintain the same results.

Many think this is because they are getting “older” but really it is because they are not progressing.

Don’t Believe Me?

How much force does it take for you to lift a 30 lbs weight? How do you hold your body and how do you prepare yourself to lift that? How many muscles and fibers engage to lift that weight? Think about that and then think about lifting a roll of paper towels.

How does your body respond and react to lifting those paper towels? How do you prepare yourself to lift them? What muscles are engaged? That takes a lot less effort right? Well the SAME thing happens with our workouts.

When we keep doing the same things – the same routines, the same weights, our bodies adapt to that stress.  If all you ever lifted were paper towels, do you think you would get stronger?  It would take less effort and ultimately would be easier to lift paper towels, but at a certain point you would stop getting results.

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So What Do You Do to Keep the RESULTS Coming?

Here are a few options to keep your workout progression game strong:

Change It Up

Change the activity, the style, the weight, the routine. Constantly change what you are doing and never let yourself get comfortable.

Use Your Own Body Weight

Our own body weight makes it easier to progress. For example, if you are running you can run longer, faster, harder. You can constantly progress. Same with body weight exercises like pull-ups and push ups.

You can always do MORE or vary the movement to make it harder. If you can only do one pull up now (assisted), imagine the progression as you move from that to an unassisted pull-up! And then even more once you can do 3, 5, or 10 on your own!  Then you start doing L pull-ups with your legs parallel to the ground.  That is called progression.

Lift Heavier

You don’t want to ever get comfortable with the amount of weight you are lifting.

If you have been doing the same 10lbs bicep curls for years and are wondering why your “arms won’t change”? Well, this is why… LIFT HEAVIER! You need to increase your weights.

It needs to be TOUGH to create change!


Follow a program that understands and teaches this! This is the thought process behind my STRONGER program.

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Use Straps

Suspension straps are AMAZING for progression. No two reps are the same, therefore your body and muscles will never get “comfortable” with the exercise and you will continue to progress. Now take this up a notch using RINGS for your training… Talk about PROGRESSION!

Check out this example of ring training

The bottom line is this. If what you are doing is working, keep doing it! If it is no longer working for you, time to progress.

Stop blaming it on your age, your metabolism, your gym… Decide to PROGRESS and start doing it!

Excuses or Solutions YOU decide,

~ Natalie Jill

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