SunButter Fudge with Marble Swirl

SunButter Fudge with Marble Swirl

SunButter Fudge with Marble Swirl

Natalie Jill SunButter Fudge with Marble Swirl10 Minute prep time, 1 hour FREEZER time


1 cup chocolate chip morsels or Dark Chocolate melted
3/4  cup SunButter

Baking items:

1 square silicone mold for candies


  • On a stovetop melt 1/2 cup of sunbutter and 1 cup chocolate stirring until smooth
  • Pour once blended into the silicone squares filling them 3/4 of the way!
  • Top with a dollop of additional melted sunbutter on top of each “candy square” and swirl with a toothpick or fork!
  • Freeze for approximately 1 hour. Remove and enjoy! remember to share!



Natalie Jill


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