The Fascination With Booties

The Fascination With Booties

The Fascination With Booties

Natalie Jill The Fascination With BootiesLet’s talk BACKSIDE. Booty, peach, bumm, rear, tush, tuckkkus (in my Yiddish accent lol no idea how to spell it)

It’s trendy now. Big 🍑
It wasn’t trendy in my 20s, 30s or earlier 40s. In fact people used to message me asking how to make their backside SMALLER.

And me with all my bodyweight knowledge never lifted “heavy” for my glutes. Never.

Even WORSE… bc of my lower back issues, and anterior Pelvic tilt and years of high heel wearing, I focused SOOOOO MUCH ON abs and the main abdominal core area that I OVERCORRECTED. Meaning I did so many planks, L sits, and working out in “grandpa butt form” as I called it that my butt went away.

Add age (49) butts drop.

And then the injuries came
Disc rupture and more…

The more injuries I had the more I I overcorrected the WRONG way.

And then when my daughter made a 13 year old comment to me about my flat butt (it was) I perked up… no pun intended.

4 months into training glutes HARD 3-4 days a week and focussing on MUSCLE GROWTH my 🍑 is growing. Even my hubby noticed lol.

But this is not just aesthetic!

MY BACK PAIN IS TOTALLY GONE. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. And let me tell you- I have NO DISC between L5 and S1 and although two laser endoscopic surgeries temporarily took away the pain it kept coming back.

I had tried EVERYTHING
-two surgeries
-emotional healing (yup tried it)
-energy workers

Everything. I mean everything. Medical, woo woo and more 😂

Ya know what fixed this and STOPPED my injury train and pain?


Today is 4 months in. This pic was a few weeks ago. It’s growing. I cannot wait to see how this is in a year.

I still do all the body weight workouts I teach but I’ve ADDED LIFTING FOR MY 🍑

I also eat exactly how I teach in my 7 Day Jump Start but I ADD protein powder now on lifting days pre and post workout (ya can’t build muscle without eating more protein and carbs)

Ladies… don’t ignore that 🍑!!!


Natalie Jill

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Natalie Jill

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