You can’t spot reduce

You can’t spot reduce

**this blog was originally published on January 31, 2013 and was updated on January 3, 2016**

You can’t spot reduce – and we have heard it all…

Gimmicky ads… they are everywhere!

“Use this product! It will reduce the fat on your thighs!”
“Use this product! It will reduce the fat on your stomach!”
“Use this product! You can target specific areas and get rid of unwanted fat and cellulite!”

I am calling BOLOGNA!

We’ve all seen the infomercials where participants are “magically” spot reducing fat on specific body parts just by using a new fitness gadget. The myth of spot reduction runs rampant, and it targets anyone who has an area of their body that they dislike. It’s wonderful to think that regardless of our diet or lifestyle, a simple gadget can solve all of our body issues.  I hate to burst your bubble (especially if you recently made an investment for this very purpose), but unless you make changes to what you’re eating and to your overall activity level, you won’t get the results you desire.

You CAN’T spot reduce, but you can lose OVERALL body fat and BUILD spot reduce with natalie jillmuscle in certain areas.

So let’s use the abdominal area as an example to focus on. Now I should be clear – I’m not saying that investing in fitness tools or gadgets is a bad idea. Great new ideas launch all of the time, and sometimes I’m even involved in bringing products to market!

The misguided consumer, however, is the one who believes that the new tool will do all of the work for them.  So back to the stomach.  Maybe your abdominal area is flabby and you have love handles that you hate. Unless you employ a multi-faceted approach to attacking the problem, it will not go away! Hmmm…what do I mean by “multi-faceted”?

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What are you EATING?

spot reduce with natalie jillFirst and foremost, what are you eating? How much do you weigh? Is this your ideal body weight? One of the first areas of reduction you’ll see when you lose weight is in the abdomen! When I see before and after photos of my clients after they’ve been through my programs, the most noticeable area of improvement is always in their stomachs!

I promise that if you clean up your diet, eliminate processed foods, limit alcohol, and reduce calories, you’ll get results without any fancy gadget! The change you’ll experience will be across the board, from head-to-toe (NOT just your belly!).  But that takes effort, it takes willpower, and it takes work. To change your body, including that “spot”, you MUST change the way you eat.

How HARD are you working?

Second, what are your daily activities? Are you primarily sedentary? Do you get BOTH cardiovascular and weight resistance spot reduce with natalie jillexercise? This is where your new gadget MIGHT come in handy. You need to elevate your heart rate and BURN calories in order to lose weight. You need to challenge your muscles through weight resistance exercises to build lean muscle. Lean muscle not only speeds up your metabolism by burning more calories in a resting state (i.e. while you sleep), but it looks good.

You can integrate your new gadget into a larger overall routine. If it’s something that assists you in completing abdominal exercises – great! Your abdominal muscles will be challenged and you’ll see new lean muscle start to develop.  You’ll see a toned abdominal area because you’ve changed your diet, and changed your exercise routine!  Your whole body is one big piece of machinery with parts and pieces that all work together in unison.

When you exercise, all of those “pieces” work together, and they tone together too! Building lean muscle will make you stronger, fitter, more energized, and those “spots” will reduce or even disappear all on their own.

This is YOUR TIME to make positive changes that will improve your overall health and happiness, and the health and happiness of those around you. There are no shortcuts!  Good luck – I know you can do it!

Things Don’t Just Happen, You Make Them Happen!

“Be Happy…Be Healthy…Be Fit!”

-Natalie Jill

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