Arm Toning Workout – video

Arm Toning Workout – video

Arm Toning Workout for You

Super quick but intense ARM toning workout for you! Are you ready?

arm toning workout

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Arm Toning Workout: Tricep Lean Backs 

Sitting down with your arms behind you and your toes and fingertips pointed forward, slightly lean back. This is great to get your triceps warmed up and ready to work! This is also a good starting point for your tricep dip progressions. Do these for about 30 seconds or until you start to feel it. Once you start to feel it, you have options. You can keep it here and continue doing Tricep Lean Backs OR you can progress to Tricep Dips.

Arm Toning Workout: Tricep Dips 

From the same position as the Tricep Lean Backs, lift your butt off the ground and use your arms to raise and lower your body weight. Keep doing this for 30 seconds or until it starts to really burn! This is the next level up from lean backs in your progression. If this is too easy for you still, challenge yourself and raise a leg!

Arm Toning Workout: Tricep Dips with Alternating Leg Raises

From the same positon as the tricep dips, now raise a leg as you lift and lower your bodyweight. Work one side before switching to the other side. Aim to do this for another 30 seconds! Adding the leg raise will also engage your core! Win!

Once you are done with your progression, work it backwards to your starting move — the lean backs. Shake it out and then move on to crab crawls!

Arm Toning Workout: Crab Crawls

From the same tricep dip position, you are going to now move your body and walk it forward, back, and side to side, all while keeping your butt lifted off of the ground. You can take as many walks in one direction as you want (as in, walk across your whole room), or just keep it simple and stay in relatively the same area. The key is that you are working your back arms, your core, and the moving helps to distract you, too! 🙂 Do these for another 30 seconds.

Look! It doesn’t take a lot of time or equipment. We just set our arms on fire with just our body weight in under 3 minutes! Yowzers! If your arms aren’t on fire yet, repeat the exercises until they are and make sure you are concentrating on your arm muscles and where it should be burning.

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-Natalie Jill

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