Goodbye Excuses or Solutions… – video

Goodbye Excuses or Solutions… – video

**this blog was originally published on February 13, 2014 but was updated on January 3, 2016**

The Winds Of Change – Excuses or Solutions

“Excuses or Solutions …YOU decide!”  That had been my slogan for many, many years of my life and I finally saying goodbye to it. Not because I don’t live by it (I do!) but because it so easily offended people.

This may surprise you, but I do have feelings. I can get 1000 “I love you Natalie… you have changed my life” messages, but  just a few “you make me feel discouraged” messages, makes me really sad.

I am human…
I have feelings…
I want to HELP people…
I want people to be happy, healthy, and fit!

I give 100% in trying to educate and help others so they can be happy and to feel good about themselves.  Even if it is a minority that feels that way, I don’t want to feel responsible for discouraging them, especially when it doesn’t have to be that way.

Although I won’t stop living SOLUTIONS over EXCUSES I have removed it as my slogan.  It will no longer be one of the first things people see when they look at what I stand for.  That said, I do want to take a minute and explain where ‘Excuses or Solutions…YOU Decide’ originally came from.

NJFit TWEETit: Everyone has excuses, but everyone can also have SOLUTIONS. The decision is yours to make. #BeHappy @NatalieJillFit

Everybody HAS Excuses…it is just what they decide to do with them.

I believe that everybody has excuses.  Yes, EVERYONE has them.

Nobody is perfect and no one is given a free pass from “excuses”.  Some have what could be MASSIVE excuses, but NEVER use them, while others have what could be considered ‘smaller’ obstacles, but let excuses cripple them for their entire lives.

In the end, it doesn’t matter how big or small, how few or how many. ALL that matters is how you choose to to view those “excuses”.  Do you look at them as mere obstacles to overcome as you to find solutions?  Or do you use excuses as a crutch, a ‘conversation’ piece or story to tell others to gain sympathy while you feel sorry for yourself?

In my experience the first group are the top achievers. They are the exceptions; they are the long-shot success stories that serve as examples to motivate others as to what is possible when you put your mind to it.  They inspire, and lead the way for others to overcome obstacles.

On the flip side, this first group also generates a LOT of jealousy and hate from the ‘all excuses’ crowd.  When your mind is so consumed with excuses and being a victim, it just isn’t possible to see how ‘somebody else’ could do it.  Thus the ‘hater’ comes out in them.

These people in second group are, unfortunately, in the majority.  They make up the masses of people that seem to ‘support’ and commiserate with each other.  Here is the ‘cool’ thing about that though: it is SO easy to get ahead of these people by simply getting your mind right, taking responsibility for your actions, and NOT making excuses any longer!

I know it is easier said than done, but I want EVERYONE to be the first group!  The sad thing is that over time I have learned that there is strength in numbers and misery loves company (for lack of a better phrase). There is comfort in misery, and that makes me sad.

And everyone can have SOLUTIONS!

I work daily to show others that there are solutions.  I shared MY STORY of hitting rock bottom, and how I was able to stop the pity party, and turn it all around.

I do my best to live by example… I am 44, a mom, have celiac and did go through a rock bottom time in excuses or solutions - Be Happy Be Healthy Be Fit with Natalie Jillmy life that affected me physically, emotionally, and financially.

We have choices to make EVERY day. I share FREE information on a daily basis so others can learn how to eat a natural food diet, workout using their own body weight, and do it ALL with limited time and budget.

I share RECIPES and nutrition tips.  I share videos, blogs and spend time sharing great content and spreading encouraging words. I break things down and make it SIMPLE to help combat the information overload out there (that so many use as an excuse)…and I do all of that for FREE!

Then there are my programs for people that want more.  I make my programs affordable, easy to follow, and they are designed to help people overcome whatever has been holding them back.  There is a reason my programs start with the mindset…and not meals.  If you don’t believe…how can you achieve?

Here is what I know for sure:

We can accept things as they are and let excuses hold us back, or we can decide to be the exception.  You can be the success story and be the inspiration to yourself, friends, and family.  It will probably be harder, it will probably take more time, and it will probably be harder to take responsibility for your actions instead of being a victim…BUT the reward for doing so is HUGE!

There IS a solution for EVERYONE if you decide want it bad enough!

excuses or solutions - Be Happy Be Healthy Be Fit with Natalie JillI have explained it and I continue to live it. BUT, I have decided that I can help more people, by not putting this ‘front and center’ and turning some people away.

In a time where obesity and disease related to being overweight is at an all time high, I want to impact more people to make positive change here and  I feel a different approach is now needed to reach those that are struggling with their weight and invariably excuses.

I have a NEW solution and message

I want to share that you CAN be happy, healthy and fit!  Excuses and all 🙂

I have shared why I will continue to live the “Excuses or Solutions…YOU decide” mentality but again, it is no longer my slogan. It is no longer front and center, but it is certainly not forgotten or removed.  I just want more people to feel comfortable with taking the first steps to change their lives.

Along those lines, I just sent another big bag of my pink ‘Excuses or Solutions…YOU Decide!’ wristbands to the fulfillment center for those of you who have ordered my DVD’s.  If you are one of the first 1,000 people to order, you will get a free wrist band with your order.  I hope when you wear it, it motivates you to find SOLUTIONS in addition to reminding you where the slogan came from.

I hope you find your motivation and in that, find your solution. From now until further notice my new slogan is something EVERYONE can be and I know there is support in numbers here. I want you all to hear it, embrace it, and become it and I promise to live and lead this by example….

“Be Happy… Be Healthy… Be Fit!”

– Natalie Jill

excuses or solutions - Be Happy Be Healthy Be Fit with Natalie Jill



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