Upper Body Resistance Workout – video

Upper Body Resistance Workout – video

Upper Body Resistance Workout

Today we have an upper body resistance workout video that you can do anywhere! All you need a band — or some tubing. We have four exercises that will be targeting the upper body. Are you ready?

upper body resistance workout

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Upper Body Resistance Workout #1 – Open & Close Pulling Pulses

This one really works your back (and some chest) muscles. Grab your band tight and pull it open and closed. It’s small pulsing movements. As soon as it starts to burn, keep on going! You’ve got this!

Upper Body Resistance Workout #2 – Up and Down While Pulling

As you’re pulling the band open (from workout #1) raise and lower your arm. Keep the band pulled open as you go through this upper and lowering movement. Again, you will feel this in your upper back muscles.

Upper Body Resistance Workout #3 – Bicep Curls

Place your band under one or both feet. Grab the band with both hands and curl your arms up to work your biceps. Keep your elbows in and your core tight. You can change your stance to change the intensity; using two feet on the band creates more resistance, while one foot makes it a bit easier.

Upper Body Resistance Workout #4 – Shoulder Press

Using the same stance and form from above, turn your hands over and raise your arms up to your chin. Then lower them back down by your waist. The wider your feet are the harder it will be. You will really start to feel this in your shoulders! Make sure to keep your core tight and control the movement.

There are no magic numbers or reps — just do it until you feel the burning! The key to working out is to do what is intense for you! As soon as you feel the burn, keep going! If you want, you can pair this with this killer arm workout!

Be Happy… Be Healthy… Be FIT!

-Natalie Jill

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