Booty Building Thigh Slimming Workout – video

Booty Building Thigh Slimming Workout – video

Booty Building Thigh Slimming Workout

Today is a BOOTY BUILDING THIGH SLIMMING workout! Tag team your lower body and workout both at once! I’ve got you covered in this video.

booty building thigh slimming workout

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Here’s the plan. We are going to use a WALL, your BODYWEIGHT, and a MAT. 

Booty Building Thigh Slimming Workout #1 – Wall Sits

Great for legs — glutes and quads especially. With your back flat against the wall, squat down as if you are about to take a seat in a chair. You will want your legs to form close to a 90-degree angle. Hold your arms out in front of you and engage your abs. Aim to hold this for one minute.

Booty Building Thigh Slimming Workout #2 – Wall Sits with Single Leg Extension

In the same position, bring one leg out in front of you at a time and hold. Alternate sides every few seconds. You will eventually want to try to work up to 30 seconds per side.

Booty Building Thigh Slimming Workout #3 – Wall Bridges

Great for tights and booty! Start with your feet up on the wall in a 90-degree angle. Lift your butt off of the ground, driving through your heels, and squeeze your booty and your thighs as you slowly raise and lower your hips. Raise it up and down for 30 seconds!

Now repeat from the top if you feel it is necessary, or pair with a total cardio workout!! Remember, working out is all about doing what is intense for YOU!

Be Happy… Be Healthy… Be FIT!

-Natalie Jill

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