Today is a new day! Erase the food coma damage

Today is a new day! Erase the food coma damage

Today is a new day! Erase the “food coma” damage

Note: this blog was originally published in 2011 but was updated May 26th 2017

Today is a new day! Erase the food coma damage with Natalie Jill When we are staring at that pie, or that second helping of stuffing, or that extra creamy dip, it all seems so innocent!”  One bite won’t hurt” runs through our heads… unfortunately it is NEVER that simple and usually “one bite” or “one MORE bite” leads to so much more. Feelings of guilt settle in and we throw control out the window. We cave. We reason that “it’s a holiday” and “tomorrow is a new day.”  We go to bed feeling stuffed, bummed, like we are in a “food coma” and sometimes angry at ourselves for binging… sound familiar?

It is certainly not a crime to go over board on eating, but when we are committed to a healthier more slender version of ourselves, this once and a while “binging” can wreak havoc on our own image of ourselves.  We can’t rewind the damage. We can’t change what we did yesterday or in the past. We can only control today and moving forward an we can begin to erase the “food coma damage.”

Today is a new day and an opportunity to press “Re-Set!” Here are a few ways to make today a big giant step in the right direction:

Get rid of the left overs. Get them OUT of the house. Why keep temptation in arms reach? Unless the leftover is Today is a new day! Erase the food coma damage with Natalie Jill vegetables or proteins get rid of them. Out of site out of mind is your motto right now.

Drink lot’s and lot’s of water. Water not only keeps you full, it flushes everything out. It will help to get rid of the toxins, extra sodium, the bad foods you consumed… keep the water coming. Drink a gallon today. Drink water every chance you have today.

Do not eat processed foods at least for today. Typically, these are loaded with chemicals, preservatives and sugars which may create an insulin spike. Insulin spikes will ultimately make you hungry and cause you to crave more. This makes it hard to break the bad food cycle. Notice how you feel at the end of today if you skip processed foods today.

Today is a new day! Erase the food coma damage with Natalie Jill WORK IT OUT! Hit the gym-  If you do not have a gym membership find the time for a long, brisk and intense walk. If you move and move it HARD you will burn calories.

Commit to your goals. Now is the time to write down what you want for yourself and make a plan to achieve it.

Don’t beat yourself up. Yesterday was enjoyable- the food was yummy and you are human. Practice these healthy habits today and you will feel wonderful tomorrow. You can do this… –Natalie Jill

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