Normal, Health Nut or Orthorexic?

Normal, Health Nut or Orthorexic?

Normal, Health nut or Orthorexic?Orthorexia with Natalie Jill

Being in the world of nutrition and fitness I doubt there’s a diet plan I haven’t heard of, or a new “concept” I haven’t at least researched. There’s a plan for everyone, and there are plenty of fads that follow suit. There is not just one way to get results you are after, but there is a commonality when it comes to a lasting fit body and that is DECIDING to make it your LIFESTYLE.

 What does Deciding have to do with things?

Orthorexia with Natalie Jill

It’s all about DECIDING and committing to the lifestyle and then figuring out the formula that works for you! Once you have it dialed in, listening to your body becomes KEY and making the decision to make it a priority in your lifestyle is key. It’s a LIFESTYLE, a daily way of being and it becomes part of who you are. I’m a believer. I’m on board. But I know my limits.

I am not judging your food choices

Here is a common situation for me: I’m casually out with others, and they can’t stop talking to me about their entire diet and every morsel they put in their mouth.  Actually, it’s more like every morsel they don’t put in their mouth. They’ve cut out this, and they’ve cut out that, and if they dare veer from their “plan”, all I’m hearing about is how awful they are for “cheating” and how badly I must think of them. What? Huh?

Orthorexia with Natalie Jill I have met people whose  entire self-esteem is completely wrapped up in their fitness and nutrition. You’d think I’d be one of them, but I’ve made the conscious choice in my career to avoid linking personal success with daily nutrition or fitness accomplishments. Everything in moderation. It’s easy enough to say, but a much harder concept to live by. When I go out for dinner with people, it’s not a struggle to find something to eat – it’s an adventure! And I certainly don’t subject others to harsh critiques of their personal nutrition choices. I take much more pride in the fact that I have a predominantly healthy lifestyle, with normal cravings, breaks and outings, with an ability to both limit myself as well as indulge in MODERATION (and  have FUN!).

That all being said, there’s an actual clinical term for someone who’s obsessed with healthy eating. The friend who’d rather not eat than eat something outside their comfort zone? This may be them.  It’s called Orthorexia nervosa, and according to the NEDA web site ( .

I know what you are thinking… what is wrong with being ORTHOREXIC? Well, for starters…Orthorexia with Natalie Jill

  • the chosen diet of orthorexics can actually be unhealthy, with nutritional deficits specific to the diet they have imposed upon themselves.
  • Orthorexics may find themselves socially isolated
  • Orthorexics may lose the ability to eat intuitively – to know when they are hungry and when they are full
  • Instead of eating naturally they are destined to keep “falling off the wagon,” resulting in a feeling of failure

Concerned you may be Orthorexic? Do you know others who may be?

Here are some warning signs to look out for in friends, family, or even yourself:


Orthorexia with Natalie Jill


Orthorexia with Natalie Jill Look, I know how addictive it can be to find a system that works for you, and to see positive results. I’m the first to say that I LOVE it when clients talk about their successes and I LOVE it when clients transition from an introductory system to something a little more intense, but these programs are NOT meant to be implemented FULL FORCE 100% of the time! These programs are meant to be a catalyst and a vehicle for accomplishing established goals, and then putting into place healthy lifestyle parameters.

Orthorexia with Natalie Jill So if you answered yes to more than a couple of the above questions, or if you know someone that might, I urge you to re-evaluate your existing lifestyle. Can you find help on your own? Do you need help? It’s time to take charge, live, love, and FIND SOMETHING GOOD TO EAT!

Here are some ways you can overcome this!

First, you must admit to yourself that you may have a problem, then identify what caused the obsession.  Then, try to become more flexible about eating. My 7 day Jump Start is a lifestyle plan that encourages healthy eating AND flexibility.  Working through underlying emotional issues will make the transition easier.

You may want to seek professional help.  A practitioner skilled at treating eating disorders is your best bet in helping you.

Recovered orthorexics will still eat healthfully, but there will be a different understanding of what healthy eating is.  They will realize that food will not make them a better person and that basing their self-esteem on the quality of their diet is irrational.  Their identity will shift from “the person who eats health food” to a broader definition of who they are – a person who loves, who works, who is fun.  They will find that while food is important, it is one small aspect of life, and that often other things  are more important!

“Be Happy… Be Healthy… Be Fit!”

– Natalie Jill

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